Mahindra Roxor

Mahindra Roxor: What you need to know

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The 2020 Mahindra Roxor off-road utility vehicle is here

Mahindra Roxor is a 4WD off-road vehicle by Mahindra Automotive North America. This off-road only vehicle uses the Mahindra Thar platform. Indian automotive company Mahindra and Mahindra assembles Roxor in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, it is the first new automaker in the area that opened a manufacturing facility after almost 30 years.

 Mahindra Roxor  Side View
Mahindra Roxor Side View

Furthermore, Mahindra Roxor is a heavy-duty off-road vehicle. The design of the Roxor has a direct relation with Willy's Jeep from 1947. So, It has a very simple design. The mechanical architecture is almost the same and it simply reminds you of the beginning of 4WD cars.

The Design

First of all, Mahindra Roxor has a boxy design. Specifically, the upper body structure directly attaches to its boxy frame. The cabin is customizable according to the needs. Furthermore, the open cabin enhances driving pleasure. You can also close the cabin by add-ons. This fully customizable nature of the cabin makes this utility vehicle different.

Roxor  Design
Roxor Design

Furthermore, the Roxor has a single gauge speedo with digital odometer, tacho and fuel gauges. It is available in two and four-passenger versions. The front of the vehicle is more aggressive. The contouring on the hood and a race track-like ring around headlights add to aggressiveness.

Roxor Features

The Mahindra Roxor has a fresh new face. At the same time, it has more power to climb. It can now climb much better with a 5:38 ratio axle. The new axle also delivers higher torque and smooth ride. It also delivers smooth rides on rugged terrains.

Furthermore, it has a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine. The 4WD helps you go anywhere irrespective of weather and terrain. It has a reliable drivetrain with options of 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. The Roxor is available in seven bold colors. Besides, it has an industry-leading warranty of two years or 12000 miles.

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