Yamaha Niken: the ultimate sport tourer is coming

Yamaha Niken  sports tourer

Yamaha Motor Company is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer; producing motorcycles since 1955. Currently, in the new era of motorcycling, sport touring is setting a norm. So with the same notion, Yamaha is developing the ultimate sports tourer – Yamaha Niken.

Yamaha Niken Multiwheel
Yamaha Niken Multiwheel

First of all, new riders are in favor of a sports motorcycle worldwide. The most important reason to prefer a sports motorcycle for touring is its agility, control, and weight. In general, cruisers are traditionally very heavy and difficult to maneuver on the curvy roads or tight spaces. Hence, more and more riders prefer sports motorcycles over cruisers.

Yamaha Niken Overview

Yamaha Niken is the first motorcycle which will get two tires along with the revolutionary Multi-wheel chassis. This exclusive arrangement of two tires at the front along with chassis results in unparalleled control for a motorcycle.

Yamaha Niken Front
Yamaha Niken Front View

The two wheels at the front give exceptional stopping power and confidence while cornering. These tires lean in unison; doubling the amount of available grip at the front. In addition, the front tires also give more comfort and control. Furthermore, all this happens without compromising the natural handlebar feel.

Yamaha Niken features

As already mentioned, the bike features first of its kind multi-wheel chassis. This chassis permits two wheels at the front. In addition, Niken also comes with radical styling including graceful curves and mass forward design. The design also highlights the Leaning Multi-wheel system (LMW).

Yamaha Niken Multiwheel system
Yamaha Niken Multiwheel system

The Niken also gets new CP3 in-line three-cylinder motor producing exceptional torque and linear power delivery. The modern power-plant brings all the features of the two and four-cylinder engine while it remains compact in size and light in weight.

Yamaha Niken also comes with a range of technologies such as the Ride by wire by Yamaha, Traction control, throttle mapping and ABS. In addition, to enjoy the open roads, it also comes with factory quick-shifter and cruise control. The LED headlight gives high visibility to various road conditions.

The six-speed transmission along with the slipper clutch makes faster downshifts possible. Mass-centralized three into one exhaust system improves dynamism while producing a sweet exhaust note. The High tech LED cluster gives all the information on fingertips. The triple disc brakes with four-piston radial calipers with ABS provides immense braking power.

Yamaha Niken specifications

The Niken comes with the 847cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, three-cylinder engine. The fuel injection with YCC-T gives precise fuel delivery that adds to performance and efficiency. The TCI ignition gives good performance in various climatic conditions.

The six-speed transmission along with a multi-plate assist and slipper wet clutch gives smooth power delivery. Fully adjustable front suspension along with preload adjustable rear suspension gives superior riding comfort. The 298mm dual-hydraulic discs at the front and 282mm hydraulic disc at the rear give great stopping power. It also has 120/70R15 tires at the front and 190/55R17 tires at the rear. Total weight of the motorcycle is 263kg. The maximum lean angle is 45o.

In conclusion, Yamaha Niken will kick start the new era in sports tourer segment with all new design language never seen before.

Watch Yamaha Niken in action:

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