Volvo 9700 double decker

Volvo 9700 Double Decker bus: All you need to know

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The most flexible double-decker Volvo 9700

We know double-decker buses from our childhood. The double-decker bus journey is fascinating and gives a memorable experience. It feels like we are sitting at the top of the world. The Volvo 9700 double-decker is a new age double-decker. The Swedish bus manufacturer comes up with the most flexible double-decker bus in the market.

Volvo 9700 DD
Volvo 9700 DD

The Volvo 9700 Double-decker comes in two variants, namely, Superior and Select. The Superior version is for charter operations, while the Select is for line haul operations. The company also offers customization according to the needs of the buyer.

The 9700 Double Decker Bus Versions

Furthermore, the Superior version of the bus gives a premium experience. It has a specific design for charter businesses and premium tours. So, it has a huge space, comfortable seat options, and a choice of color lines. The use of premium materials also makes it more special. You can also add catering equipment and infotainment systems, creating a more premium experience. Thus, you can guarantee your customers a first-class travel experience.

In addition, the Select version of the bus provides enough equipment for short and medium journeys. It simply allows a virtually unlimited number of seat layouts. It also comes in different lengths and is capable of accommodating 100 passengers. So, comfort, safety, and flexibility are the three main characters of this double-decker version.

The Design

The Volvo 9700 double-decker comes with an outstanding design. It satisfies the high comfort expectations of passengers. So, it makes journeys more memorable and enjoyable. In addition, ergonomic, comfortable seats give a relaxing seating experience to passengers.

Volvo 9700 DD Dashboard
Volvo 9700 DD Dashboard

In addition, the Volvo 9700 double-decker provides one of the best driver workplaces. The ergonomic seats, along with high seating, lead to highly focused and safe driving. It also improves the visibility of the driver. The driver can adjust the suspended seats according to his/her personal needs. So, the driver will be in a perfect working position. The instrument cluster and dashboard are easily accessible; so, fewer distractions. The option of rear-facing cameras, as well as 360-degree cameras, eliminates blind spots. Hence, more safety. The blind-spot detection system warns the driver if the system detects cyclists or pedestrians.

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