Bosch eAxle

Bosch eAxle: The Next Generation Electric Drive System

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eAxle by Bosch: A revolutionary electric drive solution

The Bosch eAxle is a compact, modular, cost-effective and efficient drive system. The electric vehicles will benefit from Bosch eAxle. The modular nature of the system opens up the immense potential to the electric vehicle industry. The battery-electric vehicles and hybrid solutions will benefit the most.

Bosch eAxle Electric and Hybrid application
Bosch eAxle Electric and Hybrid application

Furthermore, the Bosch eAxle is a combination of the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission. All of these three are combined into a single unit directly powering the vehicles Axle. Hence, it makes the drive train simpler instead of complex. In addition, the powertrain becomes compact, cheap to manufacture and highly efficient.

In addition, the compact nature of the module increases space savings. So, you will get more space for your luggage or you will have more legroom and so on. Space is the most important factor in vehicle design and eAxle fits in for the same.

The higher system efficiency delivers more electric range and reduces the need for higher battery capacity. The immense scalability of the eAxle allows its use in various applications. eAxle reduces the cost significantly as it removes the need for various components in the drivetrain. In addition, it reduces the cost of highly expensive connecting cables.

Bosch eAxle adaptability

The modular nature of eAxle has immense adaptability. It can fit into a modern sports car and light delivery vehicles at the same time. Thanks to its power output, the construction of the eAxle is variable as power output can scale from 50 to 300 kilowatts.

Furthermore, eAxle's flexible manufacturing process and modular construction bring more versatility in its use. You can simply customize power output, torque and possible installation space. So, you can fit Bosch eAxle in SUVs, sports cars, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles.

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