Bosch Rolling Chassis: what you need to know

Bosch rolling chassis

Bosch Rolling Chassis: A new era in electromobility

Bosch is a German engineering company working in the field of technology since 1886. The company is keen on developing futuristic and innovative products in the automobile industry. The next invention from the company is the Bosch rolling chassis.

Bosch rolling chassis testing
Bosch rolling chassis testing

Furthermore, the recent development in electro-mobility opens up new avenues for innovation. Various companies around the world are developing new solutions for electric vehicles. Bosch is making here a difference by developing a flexible solution that fits everyone. So, Bosch rolling chassis is a new platform with immense potential.

Building blocks

Bosch, in collaboration with Benteler, designed a new flexible chassis platform. Furthermore, the Bosch has a thorough knowledge of steering, electric drive, and braking system. Hence, Bosch has ready building blocks in the field of electric vehicles. While on the other hand, Bentler has expertise in chassis and automotive technology. Together, they are building a chassis where all Bosch products are integrated.

This Co-operation between Bosch and Bentler, we have a perfect fit on the know how.

Ulrich Schulmeister, VP Engineering, Bosch.

Furthermore, Bentler also provides more know-how on the crash, mechanical integration, and suspension technology. Bosch, on the other hand, provides all knowledge in Softwares, electronics and functional integration.

As a result, both companies combine their expertise and provide an integrated system solution from only one source.


The Bosch rolling chassis is a pre-integrated system solution. It also comes with wheels and frame. So, it is exactly half part of the electric car. The solution from a single source has too many advantages to car manufacturers.

First of all, by using this platform, car manufacturers can implement a new car concept at a much faster rate. In addition, they can manage in-house engineering much more efficiently than before.

Furthermore, Bosch rolling chassis is a scalable platform for different vehicles. In this platform, the front axle module comes integrated with mechanical integration of e-axle, steering, brake system, vehicle controller and thermal management. This integrated front axle and crash management from Bentler give an optimal ride, comfort, and safety.

In addition, the rolling chassis will provide a complete solution or individual module for manufacturers. The manufacturers will benefit from high technical maturity and a ready platform they can use it as a base. The first customer is Automobili Pininfarina. They are integrating this platform into developing a high-performance electric vehicle.

In conclusion, Bosch is taking a leap forward in the electric car industry. They are providing one of its kind & versatile one-stop-shop solutions for everyone.

Image Courtesy: Bosch

Watch Bosch Rolling Chassis in action:

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