Auto Expo 2020: Funky Electric Cars

New Electric Cars & Concept Cars At Auto Expo 2020 Auto Expo 2020 recently concluded at Greater Noida. We bring you some of the funkiest electric cars from all big brands that featured at the …

Electric car at Auto Expo 2020

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New Electric Cars & Concept Cars At Auto Expo 2020

Auto Expo 2020 recently concluded at Greater Noida. We bring you some of the funkiest electric cars from all big brands that featured at the Auto Show.

Maruti Suzuki electric cars at Auto Expo 2020

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. unveiled a futuristic electric concept car Futuro-e at the 2018 Auto Expo. It’s a compact coupe-styled SUV that represents Maruti Suzuki’s design for its future utility vehicles.

It looked ground-breaking and it was not even close to any car that Maruti unveiled before. It is an electric concept. However, Maruti Suzuki didn’t display any specifications.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e electric car
Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e electric car

Tata electric cars at Auto Expo 2020

Altroz EV

Tata Motors’ Altroz EV showcased by home-grown carmaker at Auto Expo 2020 was a production model. This will be the second long-range EV from Tata. Similar to the Nexon EV and the standard model, the Altroz EV also looks almost identical to the standard Altroz. It was colored in Tata’s signature EV color, Teal Blue, similar to the Nexon EV. As far as its electric powertrain is concerned, it is based on that of the Nexon EV. So, the Altroz EV could have an ARAI-claimed range of around 300km on a single charge.

Tata Altroz EV
Tata Altroz EV

Tata Sierra EV

Sierra was a luxury SUV that Tata offered in the 90s. The name Sierra is quite nostalgic for many people who got to experience it. The Sierra Concept had alpine windows just like the former model. Overall, Tata Motors retained the boxy design as it is. However, modern design elements such as slim LED lights replaced the old design. However, this was just a concept car and no specifications were showcased.

Tata Sierra EV electric car at Auto Expo 2020
Tata Sierra EV

Renault electric car at Auto Expo 2020

Renault India has plans to launch an EV in the Indian market by 2022. The company also showcased its budget electric car K-ZE at the 2020 Auto Expo. Basically, K-ZE is the electric version of the Renault Kwid. This car is on sale in China already. It looks quite similar to the current Kwid on sale in India. K-ZE was just a glimpse to showcase the company’s expertise in the entry-level EV range.

Renault K-ZE
Renault K-ZE

Renault K-ZE gets a 33 kW motor that delivers 120 Nm of peak torque. The company claims that you can charge it by using the standard 220V domestic and plug charging points. In the fast charging mode, you can charge up to 80 percent of its battery in 50 minutes while the slow charging mode charges the batteries fully in four hours. The electric hatchback has an estimated range of about 240 km on a single charge.

Kia Soul EV

Kia Motors too showcased its expertise in electric vehicle technology in the form of the Kia Soul EV. Currently, it is on sale in South Korea and other global markets alike.  Kia Soul comes with a liquid-cooled lithium-ion polymer 64kWh battery that offers an electric range of 450 km. Earlier, Kia had announced its plan to launch 16 electric cars in India by 2025. Thus, the Soul EV could very well be included.

Kia Soul EV electric car at Auto Expo 2020
Kia Soul EV

Visually, Kia Soul looks like a sub-compact SUV. It comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, quad-LED headlamps, LED DRLs, LED fog lamps and LED tail lamps. The model on display comes with heated and ventilated seats, electronic parking brakes, a start-stop switch and dual-zone climate control.

Mahindra Funster Electric Concept car at Auto Expo 2020

Mahindra showcased the Funster Electric Concept at Auto Expo 2020. It was one of the most radical designs from Mahindra yet. It is a roadster with a really funky looking rear. Mahindra claims that Funster can go from 0-100km/h in just 5 seconds.

Mahindra Funster Concept
Mahindra Funster Concept

This Funster electric concept comes with a 59.1kWh battery pack that offers the range of 520km per charge. It’s equipped with dual electric motors for a performance rating of 313PS. Its AWD setup can propel it from 0-100kmph in just 5 seconds. The car has a top speed of 200km/h.

MG Marvel X

The MG Marvel X is the fully electric SUV which the SAIC Group sells in China under the Roewe brand. Morris Garages India showcased it in the Auto Expo 2020. It is based on the Vision E Concept showcased at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. The Marvel X comes features heavy chrome elements along with the LED headlamps and LED DRLs. It also features sporty alloy wheels, while the rear section comes with LED tail lamps.

MG Marvel X electric car at Auto Expo 2020
MG Marvel X

The MG Marvel X electric car comes with a 52.5 kWh battery pack which powers two electric motors, one attached to each axle. The combined output of the electric motors is about 184 bhp. The car offers a range of over 400 km on a single charge. However, MG hasn’t confirmed the car for India.


Great Wall Motors (GWM) came to the expo with its huge portfolio. It showcased a small electric hatchback – the R1. The R1 has a range of up to 350km on a single charge. It even features a cute design that will make it stand out.


Haima Bird Electric EV1

Another Chinese carmaker Haima was present at the Auto Expo 2020. Haima partnered with the Bird group and showcased the Bird electric car EV1. Haima wants to bring Bird EV1 to India at less than Rs 10 lakh. Bird EV1 will compete with e-KUV100 when Haima launches it in India.

Haima Bird EV at Auto Expo 2020
Haima Bird EV

Volkswagen ID Crozz

Volkswagen India showcased VW I.D. Crozz at the 2020 Auto Expo. Its production version will be powered by two electric motors, one for each axle. They will have a combined power output of over 300 hp. The car gets an 83-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that claims a range of 311 miles as per the European testing cycle. The electric car will also get fast charging as an option on top-variants.

VW ID Crozz electric car
VW ID Crozz

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