Mercedes Benz future bus: making the difference in city commute

Mercedes Benz future bus

Mercedes Benz future bus technology:

Mercedes Benz is the pioneer of the auto industry. The company leads by setting up benchmarks every now and then. It is not looking back anymore and taking bold steps in the area of city commute. Mercedes Benz future bus is taking the city bus travel to a new level with city pilot.

Mercedes Benz future bus side view
Mercedes Benz future bus side view

The bus is semi-autonomous. It is also equipped with the vehicle to vehicle communication system. Cameras and radar systems are continuously scanning the surrounding with utmost accuracy. Mercedes Benz future bus is a marvel of technology. In addition, Mercedes is building the all-new platform for city pilot.

Mercedes Benz future bus with city pilot

The city pilot technology is based on highway pilot technology for trucks showcased back in 2014. However, the city pilot is more advanced compared to highway pilot. Mercedes substantially improved it for specific use in the city.

The city pilot works autonomously. It can also recognize pedestrians and brake automatically. The system can recognize the traffic signals and is able to communicate with them. It can negotiate the junctions too and stop automatically at the bus stops.

Furthermore, the autopilot also opens and closes the bus doors automatically. The most important feature in city pilot is its ability to drive through tunnels. Obstacle recognition and negotiating with tight corners is only possible with recent advancement of city pilot.

The data fusion from various streams including sensors, cameras, radars, and GPS gives an extremely precise picture. This allows a bus to position itself accurately in the surrounding. The bus dramatically reduces the workload on the drivers and increases their efficiency. As a result, it drastically improves the safety. Thus, predictive driving style helps improve efficiency by lowering the fuel consumption and wear and tear.

Exterior and interiors directly from the future

The exteriors of the bus take design cues from the city architecture. The asymmetrical contours and harmonious lines truly set it apart. The information systems door layout and lights really signify its name.

Mercedes Benz future bus Interiors
Mercedes Benz future bus Interiors

The remarkable interiors with open plan design take the lead from city parks and squares. Mercedes divided the interiors into three categories. Categories are designed on the basis of the traveling time of the passenger.

In addition, the two-tone ceiling resonates the tree branches going upwards. The lighting of the ceiling reflects canopy of the tree. The grab rails almost create City-Park like experience while you can utilize the large monitors in the middle of the passenger compartment for entertainment or information purposes.

In conclusion, Mercedes Benz is creating buses for tomorrow. The key to the future is efficiency and Mercedes is really successful in addressing this issue. Furthermore, the bus will work with the BRT systems around the world. Besides, this technology also addresses the traffic woes and emissions problems around every city.

Image courtesy: Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes city bus in action here:

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