Tesla Model Y: Everything you need to know

Tesla Model Y: A new Tesla is here American electric car manufacturer Tesla recently unveiled Tesla model Y. It is one of the most speculated upcoming electric vehicles. It is basically an electric compact crossover …

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y: A new Tesla is here

American electric car manufacturer Tesla recently unveiled Tesla model Y. It is one of the most speculated upcoming electric vehicles. It is basically an electric compact crossover vehicle (CUV). The company will start selling the CUV from late 2020.

Model Y
Model Y

The Tesla model Y is designed on the mass-market platform of model 3. So, the production will be more easier and faster. The Tesla model Y will be assembled in Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Furthermore, Tesla model Y will be an All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle. It will also have 66 cubic feet of cargo space. Hence, it will have plenty of storage space as it’s purely electric and doesn’t need heavy gasoline engine at the front.

Safety, space and Model Y

Model Y will be the safest crossover vehicle. The low center of gravity and large crumple zones in the front provide more impact protection. In addition, the rigid frame also adds to safety; specifically during rollovers.

Tesla Model Y also comes with a sitting capacity for seven passengers. The versatile sitting arrangement can make room for cargo very easily. Easy access to the trunk makes loading and unloading of the cargo easier. The second seat folds flat so it makes the extra space for the cargo.

Tesla Model Y Safety
Tesla Model Y Safety

All Wheel Drive (AWD) with more range

The Tesla all-wheel drive has two ultra responsive independent electric motors. The systems control the torque digitally to the front and rear wheels. As a result, you will get precise handling and stability control with optimum traction; all at the same time.

Tesla Model Y can go from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. In addition, the electric motors have the capability to perform in almost any terrain with mud, snow and off-road.

The car has a range of 300 miles in one charge. You can charge your Tesla Model Y at any charging network or at Tesla’s own charging network. Tesla has 1200 superchargers worldwide. You can also get 168 miles of range in just 15 minutes of charging at any supercharging location.

Interiors and autopilot from the future

Model Y has roomy and clean interiors. The seating position is commanding with a wide view at the front. Furthermore, the 15-inch touchscreen has a host of information and a lot of vehicular controls.

Tesla Model Y Interiors
Tesla Model Y Interiors

The immersive sound system provides soothing music experience. In addition, expansive glass roof gives a seamless view of the sky. The Model Y also has over the air software update facility which adds more functionality over time.

Tesla Model Y has a full self-driving capability. The 160m forward facing radar gives a distant view of objects over a long distance. Furthermore, the 360-degree cameras at the front, side, and back give more visual information, keeping the driver aware of the situation around his car.

The twelve ultrasonic sensors around the car identify nearby objects and cars. In addition, sensors also avoid potential collisions. Furthermore, ultrasonic sensors also assist in parking the car more effectively.

Tesla Model Y specifications

Tesla model y has four variants with a different drive, range and performance options. The Model Y comes in performance, long-range AWD, long-range RWD, and standard variant. All of them have different specifications listed below.

Long Range AWDLong Range RWDStandard
BatteryLong RangeLong RangeLong Range
Range280 miles280 miles300 miles230 miles
DriveDual motor
Dual motor
Wheels20″18″ or 19″18″ or 19″18″ or 19″
Max Cargo66 cu ft66 cu ft 66 cu ft 66 cu ft
Top Speed150 mph 135 mph 130 mph
120 mph
Superchargingpay per usepay per usepay per usepay per use

In addition, the Tesla model Y also has 12-way power adjustable heated seats, and independently foldable second-row seats. Besides, the premium audio comes with 14 speakers, 1 sub-woofer, 2 amp, and immersive sound.

Satellite-view maps with visualization and navigation make navigation easier. In-car internet, streaming music, and media keep you engaged on the go. The auto dimming, heated and power folding mirrors keep you aware of the surroundings. Furthermore, the custom driver profiles also ease driving as you can customize everything according to your driving style.

The four USB ports with docking for two mobiles gives you more flexibility. Location-aware automatic garage door opener adds to your convenience.

The Tesla model Y will definitely a great addition in the lineup of Tesla with great futures and capabilities.

Watch Tesla Model Y Unveil:

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