Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y: Everything you need to know

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Tesla Model Y: A new Tesla is here

American electric car manufacturer Tesla recently unveiled Tesla model Y. It is one of the most speculated upcoming electric vehicles. It is basically an electric compact crossover vehicle (CUV). The company will start selling the CUV from late 2020.

Model Y
Model Y

The Tesla model Y is designed on the mass-market platform of model 3. So, the production will be more easier and faster. The Tesla model Y will be assembled in Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Furthermore, Tesla model Y will be an All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle. It will also have 66 cubic feet of cargo space. Hence, it will have plenty of storage space as it's purely electric and doesn't need heavy gasoline engine at the front.

Safety, space and Model Y

Model Y will be the safest crossover vehicle. The low center of gravity and large crumple zones in the front provide more impact protection. In addition, the rigid frame also adds to safety; specifically during rollovers.

Tesla Model Y also comes with a sitting capacity for seven passengers. The versatile sitting arrangement can make room for cargo very easily. Easy access to the trunk makes loading and unloading of the cargo easier. The second seat folds flat so it makes the extra space for the cargo.

Tesla Model Y Safety
Tesla Model Y Safety

All Wheel Drive (AWD) with more range

The Tesla all-wheel drive has two ultra responsive independent electric motors. The systems control the torque digitally to the front and rear wheels. As a result, you will get precise handling and stability control with optimum traction; all at the same time.

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