Lightning strike

Lightning Strike: A powerful electric motorcycle is here

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Lightning Strike: An affordable electric sport motorcycle

The Lightning motorcycle corporation recently unveiled the most affordable electric sports motorcycle. The new Lightning Strike is fast, powerful and has a premium design. It shocked the industry as a whole with unmatched performance at a competitive starting price of $12,998. The new motorcycle is an outcome of 10 years of continuous efforts and passion.

Lightning strike front view
Lightning strike front view

In 2013, LS 218 electric sports bike from Lightning motorcycle corporation beat the gasoline counterparts with the top speed of 218 mph. It was a historical win for electric motorcycle industry and for the team at Lightning motorcycle.

The new Lightning Strike's production is based on three principles. The first one is the development of the best technology in the world. Second is proving the superiority in technology through competition. The third and last principle is reducing the cost of producing the technology to make it affordable.

Design and aerodynamics

The design of the Lightning Strike blends elements such as track readiness, daily commuting, and comfort. The most important ingredient of the blend is the aerodynamics. The extensive wind tunnel testing lead to the most aerodynamic electric motorcycle with a 30% reduction in aerodynamic drag. As a result, the Lightning Strike shows significant improvement in highway range.

Furthermore, the Lightning Strike significantly resembles the LS 218. The styling has more compactness when we compare the two designs. The significant focus on rider triangle geometry results in comfortable riding stance. It also feels like its a natural extension of the rider. Overall, its a most dynamic package when it comes to electric sports motorcycle.

The performance

The lightning really strikes when it comes to performance. The Strike's fully liquid cooled induction motor churns out 90 Hp of raw power with 180 lb-ft torque in the standard version.

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