Tesla Model 3

Here is why Tesla Model 3 is a real game changer

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Tesla is noted in the auto-world for its fast and futuristic electric vehicles. The manufacturer has recently launched 'Model 3' which is the 4th vehicle in series and the cheapest of all the Tesla models. Let's see what Tesla Model 3 has on offer.

Tesla Model 3 and the electric ecosystem:

Although the main motto of Tesla is to focus on sustainability and reduce carbon footprint, it is also aware that the popularity of electric vehicles will not grow unless these are brought in the market as economic and convenient to use vehicles. Thus, Tesla is also investing heavily in the support infrastructure. One such example is supercharger which is nothing but a charging station owned by Tesla. In this station, one can simply plug in the car and charge quickly.

Tesla Model 3 interiors (Image courtesy: Tesla)
Tesla Model 3 interiors (Image courtesy: Tesla)

In addition, the manufacturer has also introduced a concept called 'destination charging'. Destination charging simply means charging at several locations like restaurants and hotels with whom Tesla has tied up. Manufacturing the Li-ion batteries on a large scale is also on Tesla's agenda for which it is building a Gigafactory where manufacturing the most advanced Li-ion batteries on a mass scale is possible.

Tesla model 3 and strategic planning:

Furthermore, planning has always been the strength of Tesla! They launched their first product named Roadster (a low volume & high price product) to manifest the technological capabilities of electric vehicles. Then came model S which focuses on the convenience of electric technology for day to day use.

Tesla model 3 (Image courtesy: Tesla)
Tesla model 3 (Image courtesy: Tesla)

Next in the line is model X which is the first electric SUV. The experience from the launch of these three models made the 'Model 3' dream come true. Tesla will now manufacture it in high volumes and at an affordable price.

Tesla model 3 features:

Besides, the Tesla model 3 is a spacious five-seater sedan with five-star safety rating. The range of this vehicle is 346 Kms and it can reach a mark of 100kmph in merely 6 seconds. The autopilot is a standard feature on Model 3.

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