Trailer Valet RVR

Trailer Valet RVR: Here is how you can move your trailer effortlessly

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Now tow 9000 lb trailer with Trailer Valet RVR

The Trailer Valet RVR is a new entrant in Trailer Valet range. The RVR is a self-propelling unit with remote control. So, you can move your car's trailer or camper more easily.

Trailer Valet RVR robot
Trailer Valet RVR robot

The new unit has two tank treads instead of wheels and tyres. The use of remote control adds to the overall ease of use. You can control your RVR from 40 feet away. RVR is fully electric with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries.

The RVR design and functionalities

The RVR has most modern design language. The whole body is made up of aluminum and the tank-like treads add to its versatility. The device is 22"*18"*12" in size with approximately 77 pounds in weight. The weight varies according to the model.

In addition, the trailer can move in grass, dirt or roads with pavements. The ease of use in any terrain is mostly possible because of the tank-like tread pattern. On one charge, the device can run for thirty minutes.

The small compact device has very easy attachment and you can turn, move and park your trailer easily. With the help of remote control, you can park your trailer in tight spaces without needing help from another person.

Specifications and capability

The Trailer Valet RVR comes with 2 and 4 planetary gear motors that can drive single and dual axle trailers. The RVR range has three variants with a towing capacity of 3500 lbs, 5500 lbs, and 9000 lbs.

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