Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018: Simply A Class Apart

Mercedes Benz new A-class 2018

Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018: A New Classy Hatch

Mercedes Benz, the German luxury car manufacturer, is setting up new benchmarks. The Mercedes Benz’s new A class is reimagining the compact class altogether. The company is achieving new levels in the compact car segment. Mercedes is significantly investing in the compact car segment as these cars are fueling growth in the developing countries. The company recently unveiled the Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018 hatchback.

Mercedes Benz new A-class 2018 side view
Mercedes Benz new A-class 2018 side view

The design of the car is very youthful and full of dynamism. The car redefines modern luxury in the compact class segment. The all-new Mercedes Benz user experience is the new platform. It brings technology to the user at an all new level. The new A class also offers new functionalities previously found only in the Luxury segment. So, Mercedes has retained all the qualities with the increase in utility.

Mercedes Benz new A-Class 2018: The Purest exteriors

First of all, the exteriors define the design philosophy of Mercedes. The sensual purity is retained in every bit of design in the all-new A class. The two box design is crafted by optimizing dimensions and proportions. So, radically it will change the interpretation of A class.

The new A class is the fourth generation A-class car. It has significant advancement in design and user experience. Basically, the car redefines modern luxury in the compact class. Hence, its a combination of uncompromised dynamic design and intuitive operating concept.

Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018 interiors:

The Mercedes Benz took a completely new approach in designing interiors. The avant-garde design of the dash with spacious interiors is the new definition in the new A class. The wing-shaped body of the dashboard continues from one door to the other. Thus, it gives the feeling of visual continuity. The seat climate-control and massage functions are some more features.

Mercedes Benz new A-class 2018 interiors
Mercedes Benz new A-class 2018 interiors

The aviation-inspired air vents give the feel of the jet turbine. The impression of afterburner is created by the surrounding color. Hence, the five round air vents add the real beauty to the cockpit.

Mercedes Benz new A class AC Vents
Mercedes Benz new A-class AC vents

The display systems are intelligently designed. They appear to be floating in front of the dashboard. So, the lower section of the dashboard appears to be visually separated from its main body. In addition, the ambient lighting gives the feel of the completely free-standing display.

The slimming down A, B and C pillars helps in achieving incremental safety and visibility. The said arrangement enhances the visibility. It also avoids overlooking of vehicles while turning. The exterior mirrors are present on door outer panel which enhances the rear visibility.

In addition, the central console is more practical. It accommodates a smartphone, wallet, and keys. The cup holder can accommodate mugs, cups, and bottles with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

The New Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX).

The new Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018 is the first model featuring an all-new multimedia system called MBUX. It is an artificial intelligence-based (AI) system that learns and responds. As a result, it creates an emotional connection between the driver, car, and its passengers.  This multimedia system combines natural actions and intuitive operations. As a result, it gives seamless interaction between the user and the car.

Furthermore, the new A class is more of a family vehicle with more recreational luggage compartment. Larger headroom and easy access are some of the most noteworthy features. The 370 liters boot is big enough to accommodate recreational luggage.

Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018: An intelligent drive

The active safety feature called intelligent drive is present in A class. Improved radar and camera systems help to detect the obstacles and emergencies 500meters ahead. The Distronic plus system ensures safe driving with various driver assistance functions. So, the lane change assist and active brake assist help the driver to navigate through highways safely.

Furthermore, the multibeam LED headlamps ensure clear illumination. Its electronically controlled adjustment helps in better visibility according to the changing traffic situation. Each headlamp contains 18 set of LEDs. The Halogen headlamps along with daytime running lights come as a standard.

What is under the Hood of Mercedes Benz new A-Class 2018?

The new refined engines deliver more performance. Three engine variants are available viz. A 200 with 120 kW of power, A 250 with 165Kw as well as A 180 with 85Kw of power. A 7-Gear DCT transmission along with manual option offers better driveability.

The 4-MATIC fully variable torque distributions ensure good and efficient power delivery. The permanent all-wheel drive option is also available. The four-cylinder diesel engine is also available. It comes with optimized turbocharger with water intercooling.

Furthermore, the damping control is present ion new suspension system. The basic model has torsion beam rear suspension while some models have sophisticated four-link rear suspensions. Comfort suspension with dynamic select is a standard on the new A-Class. To get more sporty experience on the road, you can purposely lower down the comfort suspension.

In conclusion, the all-new Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018 is really a class apart. The new design from the scratch gives the car fresh looks. The car has luxury-class features making it a remarkably great car.

Watch the Mercedes Benz New A-Class 2018 trailer here:

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