Mercedes-Benz Nomenclature

What Is Mercedes-Benz Nomenclature Or Naming System?

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Mercedes Benz Maybach 62Mercedes Benz MLDecoded: Mercedes-Benz Nomenclature for its various passenger car models

Mercedes-Benz nomenclature uses multifaceted, alpha-numeric codes to name its models.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the "German Big 3" luxury automakers & world’s oldest automotive company. The Mercedes-Benz nomenclature adopts Alpha-Numerical combinations for its models which is quite different to that of Audi’s & BMW’s nomenclatures. Currently, Mercedes-Benz uses combinations starting with alphabet/s followed by a 2 / 3 digit number.

Mercedes-Benz Nomenclature for its cars starting with Letters:

If the letters such as “A”, “B”, “C” etc. are used as the prefix to the model number, then they represent the ‘Class’ or group of models. The letters which are used as a suffix usually denote the variant or body-style of the car. The letters “AMG” represent ‘Sports’ segment – which is the Sports / Custom version of existing models. The following 3-digit number represents the engine capacity of the car.

Mercedes Nomenclature for the different classes of cars:

A-class: Compact Hatchback with either 5 Door / 3 Door / 4 Door Sedan option.

Mercedes-Benz nomenclature - Mercedes A-class
Mercedes-Benz nomenclature - Mercedes A-class

B-class: Compact Sports Tourer / MPV - The B-Class has a two-box design: One box is for the drive-train while the other for passenger and luggage compartments.


C-class: Compact Executive Car - Sedan.

New Mercedes C200 (Photo Courtesy: Mercedes Benz India)
New Mercedes C200

T-Model: Tourenwagen - A Wagon / touring car (of the C-class).

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