Bosch motorcycle to vehicle communication

What Is Bosch motorcycle to vehicle communication?

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Bosch Motorcycle to Vehicle Communication: Kick-start safe motorcycling!

Generally, motorcyclists are more prone to accidents. Therefore, active safety systems are essential for their safety. As always, Bosch has recognized the need of the hour! The German tech giant recently introduced Bosch Motorcycle to Vehicle Communication technology.

Bosch motorcycle to vehicle communication exchange of information

How Bosch Motorcycle to Vehicle Communication works?

Motorcycle accidents occur mostly due to lack of road visibility. It mainly occurs on blind corners and intersections. In these situations, it is essential for riders to be aware of the changing surrounding. However, lack of alertness may lead to fatal accidents. The new Bosch motorcycle to vehicle communication skillfully handles such situations.

This is a type of communication system. The vehicle and motorcycle exchange information with each other. This information includes the type of vehicle, speed, position, and direction of travel. A vehicle can transmit this data up to ten times per second to the nearby environment. This direct communication works on a 5.9 GHz frequency band with a special configuration of wireless LAN standard.

Bosch motorcycle to vehicle communication Types

When the system detects a hazard from an oncoming vehicle, it alerts the vehicle driver in real time either on the display or through earphones. This helps to avoid potential accidents. Such warnings are also tailored in accordance with the driver. And thus, may change from driver to driver.

How Bosch Motorcycle to Vehicle Communication deals with stationary vehicles?

The stationary vehicles on road also keep emitting their data. The other moving vehicles from both sides of the road exchange their data with a stationary vehicle. Warning triggers only when the system detects the possibility of collision. In such a situation, both the stationary and the moving vehicle are informed well in advance so that they get sufficient time to react accordingly.

Thus, communication between vehicles and motorcycles make driving on road even more safe and secure. Also, this technology will certainly prove to be a blessing for motorcyclists!

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Watch Bosch Motorcycle to Vehicle Communication in action:

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