Kia Futuron Concept: New age SUV coupe design is here

Kia Futron Concept

Fascinating Coupe design Kia Futuron Concept

Kia Motors recently unveiled Kia Futuron Concept. This concept vehicle simply showcases Kia’s future design in electric mobility. The Futuron concept is an all-wheel-drive SUV coupe.

Kia Futron Side View
Kia Futuron Side View

Furthermore, the design language highlights the modern and progressive nature of the SUV. The design as a whole merges various shapes and surfaces in elegant proportions.

In addition, the lightweight body along with all-wheel drive fully electric power train is exceptional. The blend of various surfaces along with high tech interiors creates its own aura.

The 360-degree core

Furthermore, the Kia Futuron concept design runs around the 360-degree core design. The pure blend of all surfaces is smooth. The soft diffusion of surfaces twist, turn, contract, expand in and around the car’s body. As a result, these surfaces create an aero efficient design. So, it reduces aerodynamic drag and increases aero efficiency at its core.

The elegant shapes are only possible due to the fully electric power train. The high capacity battery is placed beneath the cabin floor. It provides energy to electric motors inside the wheels. The new age e-AWD system has lightning-fast responses to the driver’s input. Hence, it has an exhilarating acceleration.

Kia Futron Exteriors
Kia Futuron Exteriors

In addition, Kia Futuron Concept offers a new type of driving experience to its users. The comfortable lean back seats make the ride comfortable. Various elements in the structure and design of the car enrich the interaction between car and driver.

The front fender flows backward from the front of the hood. As a result, it establishes a direct connection between the driver and the road ahead. The panoramic glasshouse is exactly above the 360-degree core. Its diamond shape creates more elegance. The glasshouse simply allows more light inside the cabin. In addition, it also extends down the bonnet; giving more view to the driver.

Furthermore, The glasshouse also has LiDAR sensors, that provide Level 4 autonomy. The 360-degree theme has illuminative lighting that responds to gestures from outside. So, it simply creates a connection between driver and car before even entering into it.

The Kia Futuron Concept tiger face

The Futuron features a new tiger-nose grille. Its Kia’s signature grille. The new grille is wider and extends on both sides while the basic principle of the design remains intact.

Furthermore, the wider tiger-nose grille now includes headlamps. Headlamps are nothing but a star cloud design. The new star cloud design is matrix LED lighting. In addition, the star cloud lighting gives a new identity to the lighting concept at Kia. This lighting technology incorporates DRL’s and full beam headlamps. This is possible due to kinetic surfaces that open and close as per requirement.

The Autonomous cabin space

The Kia Futuron concept features Level 4 autonomy. Thus it enables a spacious cabin. The front seats can provide an upright posture or recline posture. When you turn on the autonomous driving mode, the seats recline automatically and steering retracts. Hence it has a zero-gravity seating position that reduces fatigue in long journeys.

Kia Futron Interiors
Kia Futron Interiors

Furthermore, Futuron’s interiors are seamless. The surfaces flow from the dashboard to doors without any interruption. The prominent future here is the cockpit. The graphical user interface (UI) flows from the driver-side and wraps around the steering wheel. This interface operates with artificial intelligence. So, it creates beautiful experiences on the go with great interaction.

In conclusion, Kia Futuron Concept is the future of electric cars at Kia. We are very sure these designs will stand out from the cloud.

Image Courtesy: Kia

Watch Kia Futuron Concept in action:

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