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Tesla Cybertruck is here and Its really wow!

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Tesla Cybertruck: The future of utility with mobility

The pioneer in electric vehicles Tesla Inc recently unveiled Tesla Cybertruck. The new Cybertruck is an electric utility vehicle with lots of versatility. Tesla is known for its state of the art designs. In the case of Cybertruck, Tesla did remarkably great.

Tesla Cybertruck Exteriors
Tesla Cybertruck Exteriors

Furthermore, Tesla Cybertruck has totally different design than the traditional one. We can easily say this just by looking at it. So we can definitely say that it's out-of-the-box thinking.

Tesla Cybertruck Exteriors

First of all, the shapes and their alignment is done remarkably well without losing aerodynamics. The electric vehicles need the aerodynamic design to reduce aerodynamic drag. The exterior shell of the Cybertruck is durable and ensures the safety of the passengers.

Furthermore, the exoskeleton of Tesla cybertruck is nearly impenetrable. The ultra-hard 30X cold press stainless steel exoskeleton has superior strength and endurance. The precision manufacturing of every part including Tesla armor glass leads to high strength overall.

In addition, the steel here particularly eliminates corrosion, dents, and damage. The glass has polymer composite so it can absorb and bounce back impacts. Thus, it has high tolerance levels when we compare it to traditional glass.

The future of utility

Tesla Cubertruck has 3500 pounds of payload capacity. In addition, the adjustable air suspension makes your ride comfortable. You can also raise or lower suspension on either side by four inches. So, you can easily access Cybertruck. The self-leveling adaptable suspension capabilities also help in tough terrains.

Tesla Cybertruck Utility
Tesla Cybertruck Utility

In addition, the 100 cubic feet lockable storage satisfies your luggage needs. The Tesla Cybertruck has a pulling capacity of 14000 pounds. So you can tow your off-road camper & begin your adventure journey.

Tesla Cybertruck Interiors
Tesla Cybertruck Interiors

The second-row storage with a seating capacity of six adds to the utility of interiors too. The advance 17" touch screen has customization options. The onboard power and compressed air make it more adaptable.

Performance & Specifications

Tesla Cybertruck has speed strength and versatility. The low center of gravity provides immense traction and torque. It's a new class of strength and agility with 500 miles of range.

Single Motor RWD can go 0-60 in less than 6.5 seconds. It has 250 miles of range. It has a rear-wheel drive with 100 cubic feet of storage. 6.5 feet vault length and towing capability of 7500+ LBS. Autopilot and adaptive suspension come standard. The ground clearance here is 16". The approach angle is 35 degrees and the departure angle 28 degrees.

The Tesla cybertruck Dual Motor AWD can go 0-60 in less than 4.5 seconds. It has 300 miles of range. It has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive with 100 cubic feet of storage, 6.5 feet vault length and towing capability of 10000+ LBS. All other features remain the same as Single Motor RWD

Tri-Motor AWD can go 0-60 in less than 2.9 seconds. It has 500+ miles of range. It has a tri-motor all-wheel-drive with 100 cubic feet of storage, 6.5 feet vault length and a towing capability of 14000+LBS. All other features remain the same as Single Motor RWD.

In conclusion, Tesla Cybertruck is futuristic and modern. At the same time, it has utility, speed, and strength.

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Watch Tesla Cybertruck in action

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