Baidu Robotaxi: next-gen self-driving taxi is here

Baidu Robotaxi

Next-gen self-driving taxi by Baidu

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu recently unveiled a new generation of self-driving Baidu Robotaxi. The new model Apollo RT6 EV has skills and experience of 20 years. The company plans to deploy them all across china on a mass scale.

Apollo RT6 EV
Apollo RT6 EV

Furthermore, the robot taxi is a cross between SUV and Minivan that comes with a detachable steering wheel. According to Chinese regulations, autonomous cars still require a human driver’s presence for additional safety. However, the company is very sure about replacing this detachable steering with other goodies like vending machines, game consoles, extra seatetc on.


The Baidu Robotaxi is a fully electric sixth-generation autonomous vehicle. The entire car is based on the Xinghe self-driving platform. The current model has significantly less cost than the previous model. As a result, the company can deploy thousands of them. Each Robotaxi cost 250000 yuan. In addition, the in-house battery electric architecture helps Baidu reduce RT6 costs.

This massive cost reduction will allow us to delploy tens of thousands of robo taxis across china.

Robin Li, CEO, Baidu.

The modern Robo taxi will cost you half the cost of taking a taxi today. Hence, it creates incredible opportunities in taxi space.

Technology & Baidu Robotaxi

The Baidu Robotaxi has a seating capacity of two and four people. In addition, it comes with a detachable steering wheel, adding more space in the cabin. Furthermore, the massive sunroof stretches to the entire length and allows natural light to enter the cabin.

Furthermore, Apollo RT6 comes with Level 4 autonomous driving technology. The car has 38 sensors, including eight light detection and LIDAR sensors, one 6mm-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 12 cameras.

Currently, the company has been running Robo taxis on a trial basis in 10 cities in China since 2020. Since its launch, the company has managed to garner 1 million rides. The competitors in this space are auto x and

In conclusion, the Robo Taxi space is rapidly evolving, and we will not surprise if you get one on your way somewhere.

Image Courtesy: Baidu

Watch Baidu Robotaxi in action:

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