Integrated power brake: How does it work?

integrated power brake

Bosch Integrated power brake: What you need to know

Bosch is a german automotive giant. The company has come up with a new braking system. The integrated power brake. This technology combines ESP functionality and brake force boosting in a single unit. The compact design takes less space and doesn’t need traditional components.

integrated power brake working
integrated power brake working

Furthermore, this power brake is an electro-hydraulic, vacuum-independent solution. The system offers the highest dynamics and makes hybrid and electric vehicles more efficient. The compact integrated design reduces weight and minimizes complexity to a minimum.

Overview: integrated power brake

The design of these power brakes reduces the need for traditional components like vacuum pumps and vacuum brake boosters. Even ESP and related connections are not required.

In addition, an integrated power brake is supplemented with a redundant brake unit in fully autonomous vehicles. So, if these brakes fail, we can stop the car safely without driver intervention.

The working principal

The control unit calculates the driver’s braking request via sensors when the driver actuates the brake pedal. First, These power brakes decouple both braking circuits from the brake pedal. Then it establishes the connection with the pedal feel simulator.

Furthermore, simultaneously, a control unit calculates drive signals for the electric motor. The electric motor then generates a movement of the hydraulic piston via the gear unit. As a result, the brake fluid transfers the resulting hydraulic pressure to wheel brakes. This way brake brings the vehicle to a stop.


First of all, The integrated power brake brings immense benefits to manufacturers and drivers. The unit has minimal complexity and weight. You can adjust the pedal characteristics via software parameters. The installation cost is minimal as it avoids the use of vacuum pumps and pipes.

In addition, for drivers, a short braking distance enhances the safety of occupants. The pressure build-up dynamics are high, ensuring short braking distances. The efficient recuperation provides a more excellent range for hybrids and electric vehicles. Furthermore, it offers additional redundancy in automated driving, ensuring the highest safety standards.

In conclusion, an integrated power brake is an excellent addition to enhancing safety and redundancy in automated driving.

Image Courtesy: Bosch

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