The MBUX Hyperscreen is here & it’s fascinating.

MBUX Hyperscreen

MBUX Hyperscreen: the screen is unlike anything seen before

Mercedes Benz manufactures one of the best cars in the world. The company outshines when it comes to Interiors. The MBUX Hyperscreen is a piece of art or Jewell of Interior design.


Furthermore, the Hyperscreen combines outstanding user-friendliness and unique electrical aesthetics. Moreover, the display uses artificial intelligence so the whole operating system can adapt according to its user. So, MBUX Hyperscreen is a center of attention, control, entertainment, and personalized suggestions.

In addition, Hyperscreen’s real strength is in its networking of systems. This networking is based upon intelligent and adaptive software. So, it’s nothing but the brain of the car. The screen is connected to and communicates to all components of the vehicle.

The MBUX Hyperscreen Design

The Hyperscreen consists of three screens. These three screens have a place beneath the large 56-inch curved glass. So, all of them look like a single entity. All three screens merge seamlessly, creating a big screen appearance.

In addition, the ambient light integration with Hyperscreen creates a floating appearance. The clear, minimalistic looks give users easy access to functions. The adaptive brightness provides clear visibility in any light conditions.

Furthermore, the uncontrolled image pixels remain off, creating a deep black display while active OLED pixels shine with brilliance. Such an arrangement creates more aesthetic value.

The Performance

The MBUX Hyperscreen is the largest display ever produced by Mercedes Benz. The 56-inch glass surface has two scratch and reflection-resistant aluminum silicate glass coatings. In addition, the 17.7-inch central display and 12.3-inch passenger display feature OLED technology.

Furthermore, The eight-core CPU, 24gigs of RAM, and 46.4 gigabytes per second RAM memory Bandwidth provide extraordinary computing power. In addition, the 12 actuators under the touch screen provide Haptic feedback. The system also supports 12 languages with Natural Language Understanding.


First, MBUX Hyperscreen provides the most critical information at the forefront, ensuring zero distractions. The MBUX with Artificial Intelligence can suggest actions by considering previous users, time of the day, and location. So, if you call someone every day while driving back home, a tile will appear on the screen, automatically suggesting you call them.

In conclusion, The MBUX Hyperscreen enables a new form of connectivity and interaction. Moreover, the system always takes care of passenger needs. Hence, any function you need in any situation is always available to you automatically.

Watch MBUX Hyperscreen in action:

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