Pony.ai: next-generation autonomous mobility is here

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New self-driving technology by Pony.ai

The Pony.ai is an autonomous vehicle technology company founded by James Peng and Lou Tiancheng. The company is working on autonomous driving since 2016.

autonomous vehicle Pony.ai sensors
Pony.ai sensors

Furthermore, Pony.ai is a pioneer in deployment of autonomous mobility. The company introduced the first Robo Taxi Service in California and China.

In addition, Pony.ai aims to transform the autonomous transportation technology on a global scale. The company has a clear vision of building the most reliable and safest autonomous vehicle technology. The developer has also partnered with manufacturers like Toyota, Hyundai, and GAC. The company has 1.5 million autonomous kilometers under its belt. So, in short, the company has an abundance of data to learn from and improve.

Technology and Pony.ai

The Poni.ai consists of a variety of modules, sensors, infrastructure, hardware, and vehicle modular platforms. Hence, it's a combination of the whole ecosystem in one platform. This ecosystem approach creates a reliable and robust autonomous vehicle platform that scales.

The system consists of a Perception module and planning & control modules. The perception module combines deep learning models with a heuristic approach. Such an approach enhances the performance with redundancy and safety.

Furthermore, the system further enhances its performance capability by multi-sensor fusion technology. This fusion technology leverages the most reliable sensor data in accordance with the changing environment and driving scenarios.

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