Embark Trucks: Autonomous trucks getting real

Embark Trucks

Embark Trucks is taking autonomous trucking to the next level

Nowadays, we hear a lot about autonomous trucking. New startups are entering into long-haul trucking space. Embark Trucks is also a startup based in the United States. The company is developing a new self-driving autonomous truck.

Embark Truck - autonomous truck Technology
Embark Truck – autonomous truck Technology

The current generation is moving away from the trucking industry, specifically the long-hauling. This is because long-distance driving is a tedious task. In addition, you can’t meet your family and friends every day. As a result, today, most of the youth are not at all interested in this kind of job.

So, the solution is to shift towards autonomy. Embark Trucks is currently focusing on this aspect, rather a problem, in the trucking industry. The solution is not that easy. The current technology Embark has is SAE Level 2 autonomy. Hence, the start-up needs many more miles to achieve the next level.

The technology on the real road

Embark Trucks is the worlds first startup that operates the longest automated freight route. The total distance is 650 miles. Embark is hauling the real load on real roads. So, it’s not just a lab-tested technology. They are conducting tests in the real world.

Embark is working in co-operation with Electrolux and Ryder. The automation is specifically designed for the highway. The Ryder trucks haul from warehouse to interstate. Then, Embark truck continues the onward journey. The computer drives all the 650 miles on its own. The driver just needs to keep hands on the steering wheel all the time due to legal obligation.

Furthermore, the startup wants to add more trucks and more miles. This will enhance its capabilities in autonomous transportation. Eventually, all these testing will lead to the fleet of autonomous trucks.

Embark Trucks with ground-breaking technology:

Technology plays a vital role in autonomous driving. Embark is working hard to achieve many new things for the first time in autonomous trucking. For the first time, Embark Trucks drives across the country. Besides, it also plays a crucial role in navigating highway transfers and operating in rain and fog.

During the test runs, the truck continues to drive for straight two hours without taking over. It’s really a milestone when it comes to autonomous trucking technology. This technology is currently in the nascent stage. Moreover, it requires significant research and testing in the real world. Considering all this, Embark really sets a benchmark.

Safety is the priority

Embark Trucks is currently at level 2 autonomy. Hence, on each run, a professional driver seats behind the steering wheel. He keeps on looking for errors and takes over if he identifies any danger. He also acts as a supervisor, monitoring and tackling changing road conditions.

Thee are are custom-designed dual redundant computers. They monitor the accuracy of every command in real-time. The system also tests itself hundreds of time every second. This ensures everything is working as planned.

In conclusion, Embark Trucks is moving forward with Autonomous trucking technology. The whole trucking industry is exploring new avenues for long-hauling in a more economical and sustainable way.

Watch Embark Truck in action

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