Renault Morphoz concept car

Renault Morphoz concept car is here & it’s fascinating

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Morphoz concept car for the future

Renault, French multinational automaker, recently unveiled Renault Morphoz. The company has a clear vision for the future of electric mobility. Morphoz is a modular vehicle that adapts to your needs, uses, and desires. This electric car is a concept vehicle that pushes all the limits of the automobile world.

Renault Morphoz Exteriors
Renault Morphoz Exteriors

Furthermore, Morphoz is a personal electric vehicle with connected mobility features. The concept vehicle has Level 3 autonomous driving functions. In addition, you can also share this car when not in use.

The Morphoz is adaptable and can perfectly fit all the uses. It includes everyday goers, short journeys, and those who require long-range. Furthermore, the CMF-EV modular electric platform offers various combinations of power, range, and capacity. Even the trunk volume and habitability are configurable. So, the Morphoz simply visualizes the distant future at Renault.

Renault Morphoz Design

The Renault Morphoz represents its 'Life Flower ' design strategy at its core. Furthermore, the life flower design strategy moves around stages within a person's life. In addition, the exterior design clues along with interiors simply represent the design of future electric models from Renault.

Renault Morphoz Interiors
Renault Morphoz Interiors

Furthermore, Morphoz incorporates three major shifts. It is electric, it is compatible with smart cities and it adheres to new community models.

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