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Suzuki Connect: The New Way To Track Your Car

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Suzuki Connect app the new age experience.

Suzuki is a Japanese automobile manufacturer, producing cars since 1909. The brand is known for its quality and reliability in its products. The company recently came up with a new telematics solution called Suzuki Connect. The Suzuki Connect platform brings lots of information at your fingertips.

suzuki connect app
suzuki connect app

In addition, the new Suzuki Connect app helps you by providing reliable data of your car. The information includes car status, vehicle maintenance, driving pattern and even tips to save fuel. It is actually a smart platform to keep track of your vehicle from anywhere.

The Suzuki Connect system keeps track of your vehicle and displays all the data on a smartphone app. The Suzuki connect app is available both on the i-OS and Android operating systems. So, the connect app keeps you in sync with your car and enhances your riding experience further.

Emergency alert and preventive functional call

Suzuki Connect comes with a new safety feature that alerts you in emergency situations. The prominent feature is the emergency alert. The emergency alert feature allows you to send an emergency alert to select contacts. Once the vehicle airbag deploys in a mishap, this immediately triggers an alert. The system then sends notification along with the precise location to selected contacts.

Furthermore, the preventive functional call system assists you in case of a mechanical failure. The system detects an issue, the customer care support will immediately call you for technical and towing support. The customer care executive may also guide you to the nearest authorized service center. It analyses issues like EPAS light, fuel filter warning light, engine coolant temperature light, engine oil pressure light, brake system warning light and the airbag light. Alternatively, you can also call the customer care any time through the red button on the connect app for towing and technical support.

Live vehicle tracking

The live vehicle tracking feature tracks your car in real time. It shows the current location of your car on maps and every move it makes on your smartphone. The Geofence feature allows you to set five boundary areas. When the car crosses any of these boundaries, you get an alert. You can set either a rectangular or circular boundary design.

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