Can-Am Ryker: The Thrill On Three Wheels

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Can-Am Ryker: The joy of three wheels

Can-Am Ryker delivers an all-new experience of riding on three wheels. The company's foundation was laid back in 1937. Joseph-Armand Bombardier received the patent for a vehicle that can travel on snow. Then, in 1942, he founded his own Canadian company L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limited. In 2003, under BRP, it became a stand-alone company with a portfolio of brands like Ski-Do, Lynx, Rotax, and Can-Am.

Can-Am Ryker front view
Can-Am Ryker front view

Furthermore, Can-Am Ryker opens the new way to ride three wheels with more confidence and attitude. The new way to explore on three wheels is simple; though you need the training to do so. The company also provides training for riding the Can-Am Ryker three-wheeler.

Can-Am Ryker features

The Ryker features UFIT System. This system adjusts the vehicle for the rider of any size. Its adjustable ergonomics features such as adjustable foot-pegs, handlebars, and brakes suits every rider. It is an industry-first customizable solution. So, its quick customization matches your riding style.

The high-performance Rotax engine delivers unbelievable power and economy at the same time. The engine is available with two options - the two-cylinder Rotax 600 ACE and three-cylinder Rotax 900 ACE. The Can-Am Ryker has optimized the center of gravity so you are in control all the time. The lower sitting position enhances the riding experience and on-road confidence. Hence, you can get most of its performance all the time.

The minimalist architecture with improved power-to-weight ratio brings more thrill while riding. The exposed mechanical elements add to the presence of the vehicle. The new experience and design elements enhance the riding pleasure. The Ryker also features two halogen headlamps with LED lights on the front fender. The Dual USB port and glovebox comes standard.

Can-Am Ryker side view
Can-Am Ryker side view

The Rotax 900 ACE version of Can-Am Ryker features the sports mode for experienced and performance oriented riders. In this mode, you can challenge the curves and perform controlled rear tire spins. The design of the Can-Am Ryker is infinitely customizable. So you can now change colors, change panels and add or remove accessories easily anytime. This design approach opens infinite opportunities to customize your ride.

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