MG Hector i-SMART Technology: All you need to know

i-SMART technology

MG Hector i-Smart Technology explained

MG Hector is a brand new SUV from UK’s Morris Garages. Morris Garages is an iconic British car brand since 1920. Initially, MG was known for its sports car. It recently unveiled the most modern SUV – the MG Hector in India. The Hector comes with the latest MG Hector i-SMART technology.

i-SMART technology interface
MG Hector i-SMART technology interface

i-SMART technology gives MG Hector a class-leading push. Now, it has a more futuristic outlook than its competitors. This technology significantly changes the way you interact with your vehicle. This reminds us that the technology we saw in concept cars is now a reality. It is no more a future concept.

What is MG Hector i-SMART Technology?

MG’s i-SMART technology is a combination of software, hardware, connectivity, services, and applications. Hence, all these elements makes your driving experience smoother, smarter and much easier. The intuitive interface of MG Hector i-SMART technology makes all the information available at a glance. You can manage all your vehicle settings through this interface with a single touch.

This technology also offers machine-to-machine embedded sim cards for better connectivity. The sim comes with IPV6 protocol which is also 5G ready. So, you will get over-the-air (OTA) updates and all the benefits of connected mobility. The OTA updates will be like smartphones. These updates will bring a new look and feel as well as more features on-the-go.

Features of MG Hector i-SMART technology

i-SMART technology has lots of features. We can divide them into different categories.

Voice Assistance

MG Hector i-SMART technology comes with integrated voice assistance that understands your voice commands. It’s an AI-based solution. So, you can simply talk to your car as we normally do. It can understand 100 plus voice commands.

You can initiate the communication by speaking “Hello MG”

The Pulse Hub

The Pulse Hub feature can automatically place a call with the location in case of emergency. It will contact emergency numbers and alternative numbers immediately. You can get a call from the Hub for general assistance as well. In addition, you can get roadside assistance by pressing the I-Call button. The Pulse Hub is capable of pushing your place of interest with navigation on the screen.

App based remote operations

MG Hector i-SMART technology app can help you control your car remotely. You can switch the AC on/off, open or close the sunroof, remote door lock/unlock. Besides, you can find your car on the map. It remotely carries out light flashing and honking, and you can also find your stolen car.

Furthermore, you can check vehicle status and tire pressure and get notified of the vehicle’s critical condition. You can also get an alert if your vehicle collided with another vehicle somewhere. You can also set geo-fence up to 100kms. The speed alert notification flashes on screen in case you are over speeding.

App based convenience on the go

You can get your vehicle status like kilometers traveled, fuel range and fuel level remotely via the mobile app. The smart driver information gives all stats about harsh braking, idle time and routes taken by the driver. In addition, you can manage two MG vehicles thru’ a single app.

Furthermore, you can send the trip plan from the phone to the vehicle. You can also send feedback directly to MG via the app. On the basis of your current location, you can get MG dealer network information on the go. The head unit can also alert you for the departures according to your travel plan.

Navigation and much more

You can search for the places by categories using MG Hector i-SMART technology. The search results also display correct results despite incorrect spellings. Similarly, you can mark your favorite location and you can get directions to them.

Furthermore, if a particular location is not available the system will search online even with voice. The system also shows live traffic and multiple routes. The re-routing suggestions for faster routes make your travel easy and faster.

The parking and fuel station suggestions on the basis of your destination add to your convenience. You get notifications depending upon speed limits on the road. The system shows you information about city traffic and weather at a glance.

Entertainment multiplied

The head unit comes with preloaded contents. The new contents will automatically be updated over the air. So, you have the latest content at your disposal anytime anywhere.

In conclusion, The MG Hector i-SMART technology is full of features and it’s future ready. It will also make driving more comfortable and convenient. So it’s just the beginning of future technology getting real.

Take a look at MG Hector i-SMART technology

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