Goodyear Aero: A concept tire for flying cars is here

Goodyear Aero

Goodyear Aero: The tire that acts as a propeller

We had only heard about flying cars in the past. However, the automotive industry is quite confident about making them a reality. The transportation companies are looking at the skies as an alternate option for tackling the challenges of urban transport. Goodyear, the world’s popular tire manufacturers, recently came up with an innovative idea of Goodyear Aero concept tire.

Goodyear Aero Concept tire
Goodyear Aero Concept tire

One of the worlds largest tire company, Goodyear, is looking ahead and building a tire exclusively for the flying cars. The Goodyear aero is the airless tire concept that can work like a propeller as well as tire.


Aero concept tire has a two-in-one design. The advantage of this design is its multiple uses. On the ground, the tire will act as a regular tire while in the air, it will work like a propeller. This dual purpose tire will reduce the cost and additional weight making flying cars more reliable and economical.

Goodyear Aero features

The Aero concept tire will use magnetic force for frictionless propulsion. So, the tire can achieve high rotational speeds; particularly for lifting the car in the air as well as for propelling it forward.

Goodyear Aero tire is a multimodal tilt-rotor concept. On the ground, it will absorb and transfer forces to and from the ground. In addition, it will provide lift and forward propulsion in a different orientation. This capability ensures seamless movement from the ground to the sky and vice versa.

The airless tire has a unique non-pneumatic structure. The structure is flexible and can absorb the shocks from the ground. Furthermore, the same structure is strong enough to rotate the rotor blades at high speeds for forward propulsion and lift creation. The spokes on the wheel are strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle on the ground. Furthermore, the same spokes act as a fan blade and support high rotational speeds in the sky.

AI and optical sensing

Since the Artificial intelligence technology is now everywhere, the tires are also not an exception. Goodyear Aero concept tire has an AI processor that will combine data from tire sensors, vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to infrastructure communication. So, the seamless flow of data to the processor brings more accuracy in decision making. As a result, a vehicle can select flying and driving mode on its own according to the surrounding conditions. The AI also monitors the tire condition and alerts driver/s before anything happens to the tire.

Furthermore, the fiber optic sensors on the tire will monitor changing road conditions as well as the structural integrity of the tire. These light-based sensors also monitor the tire wear on its own.

In conclusion, Goodyear is already using the latest technologies and laying a new foundation for future tire designs with the unveiling of Goodyear Aero. It will also lead to new thinking in the field of future transportation and mobility.

Watch Goodyear Aero in action:

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