Goodyear airless tyre is here and we found it really exciting!

Goodyear airless tyre

Goodyear airless tyre explained: no more air in the Tyre

Goodyear is one of the most reputed brands in the Tire Industry. The company is manufacturing tires since 1898. The company has 48 facilities in 22 countries around the world. Goodyear is one of the largest tyre manufacturer employing 64000 people around the world. The company recently announced the revolutionary Goodyear Airless Tyre.

Goodyear airless tyre side view
airless tyre side view

Goodyear has now developed an advanced airless tyre technology. Commercial lawn mowers will start using this tire beginning from 2018. The Airless Tyre technology is the result of company’s new strategy to develop maintenance free tires for commercial/passenger application. While Goodyear is targeting mostly fleet owners as the maintenance cost of tires is on the higher side.

What is Goodyear airless technology?

Goodyear designed this new airless technology on exclusive Duraweb technology. The company’s innovation center in Akron conducted numerous field studies.  Goodyear research team made joint studies between Cleveland metro parks and lawn mower manufacturer such as Bad Boy Mowers.

Goodyear airless tyre full view
Goodyear airless tyre full view

In addition, the study also took into account the mower dealers such as Garden equipment and Beltz lawn in Akron, Ohio. As a result, the final product is error-free and ready to take on every challenge.

The Goodyear Airless Tyre features a thermoplastic connecting structure. This thermoplastic structure provides a unique combination of flexibility and stiffness. The airless tyre can take heavy loads while maintains smoother ride on undulating terrains. In addition, it minimizes the impact on turf; minimizing the damage.

Goodyear airless tyre components
Goodyear airless tyre components

Furthermore, the tire is mostly available exclusively with Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw XP model. So, the current technology only limited to mowers. However, Goodyear will soon implement it for commercial application such as Bus & Truck fleets. The design itself eliminates punctures and avoids pressure checks.

In conclusion, this technology will surely change the way how we use the tires. The flexibility of the tire increases the smoothness of the ride on bad terrains. The excessive load on suspensions can be shared equally between tyre & suspension system. In short tire of the future has just arrived.

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