Goldstone BYD electric bus: India’s first pure electric bus is here!

Goldstone BYD electric bus

Goldstone BYD K9 electric bus. The made in India electric bus.

Goldstone Infratech Limited is a market leader in silicon rubber polymer composite insulators in India. The company in a joint venture with BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd. They successfully manufactured India’s first – the Goldstone BYD electric bus.

Goldstone BYD electric bus entrance
Goldstone BYD electric bus entrance

The Company’s new bus has started to ply between Kullu-Manali-Rohtang pass route under Himachal Pradesh transport corporation. The bus is 25+1 seater. It successfully completed the journey on steep gradients at 13000 ft altitude for the first time in India.

In addition, Goldstone is committed to building emission free mass transportation solution. The emission problems are increasing along with the noise pollution. These new electric buses will be silent and smoother. The greener mobility solution is truly remarkable and visionary considering India’s current growth.

Safety and performance: Goldstone BYD electric bus

First of all, Goldstone built the pure-electric bus from the ground up. The Goldstone BYD K9 is the newest bus in the series with modern, state of the art design.  The bus has the LFP battery. So, the lifespan of these batteries is long. These batteries are also stable and safe due to its chemical and thermal stability.

The LFP battery features the fast charging technology along with battery management system (BMS). The BMS controls almost all aspects of the battery including voltage and battery temperature. It also ensures the fire safety along with an optimal performance of the battery.

The Goldstone K7 and K9 series are equipped with most modern and efficient powertrain. Regenerative braking and energy restoration helps to increase the range. Once charged, the bus can cover the distance of 250kms.

Goldstone BYD electric bus interior
Goldstone BYD electric bus interior

Furthermore, the bus is equipped with modern safety systems. Collision prevention assist along with automatic emergency braking ensures the highest safety on the road. The ABS avoids skidding while the LED fog lights help to increase the visibility. Besides, you can lower or raise the Smart Air-suspension according to the terrain conditions. The bus also comes with daytime running lights (DRL) as standard.

Most noteworthy future of the bus is the emission-free mass commute. The bus has no exhaust pipes as there is no emission at all. In conclusion, the bus will surely help in reducing India’s rising air pollution levels. And, the company’s bus venture is surely taking one step further towards sustainable travel.

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