Mercedes Benz Lighting Technology: Lighting Re-imagined

Mercedes Benz lighting technology

Mercedes Benz Lighting Technology: Multibeam headlights

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car manufacturer from Germany. It recently transformed the lighting technology. The new Mercedes Benz lighting technology is taking the new LED headlamp technology to an all new level. The new headlamps are powerful, improve visibility and add to the active safety.

Mercedes Benz Multibeam LED
Mercedes Benz Multibeam LED

Furthermore, the new headlamps also have some interesting features. They include the adaptive high-beam assist, active light function and cornering light function. These functions enhance the visibility in corners and avoid blinding of other road-users. Thus, it adds safety to the oncoming traffic including the pedestrians and cyclists.

The advantage of Mercedes Benz lighting technology

The Mercedes Benz combines various technologies in headlamps. As a result, best possible illumination is available. The number of LED’s decide the control of the illumination. In addition, if you are able to control the individual LED then you can illuminate the surrounding precisely. The precision also brings adaptability according to various conditions of the road.

Multibeam Headlights

Since 2014, Mercedes Benz is using the multibeam LED Headlamps. 24 high-performance LED’s are individually & electronically controllable. The right and left headlamps are also individually & separately controllable. Hence, these headlamps continuously adapt to the changing traffic conditions.

The headlamp control technology combines the mechanical LED intelligent light system with the gridded light source. The multibeam headlamps can control the illumination of specific parts on the road. This particular function masks the light distribution on the oncoming other road-users. Thus, it continues to deliver high- beam to help the driver. Hence, Mercedes Benz lighting technology guarantees the best possible light performance at all time.

Mercedes Benz adaptive high beam assist
Mercedes Benz adaptive high beam assist

Active light function

Mercedes Benz lighting technology particularly helps while taking turns. The camera behind the windshield senses the turns of the road ahead and signals the control unit. The control unit then calculates the angle and illuminates the corner before the driver turns the steering wheel.

Cornering light function with a roundabout function

In roundabout function, the light distribution is wider than the high or low beam. Thus, it ultimately illuminates the corners clearly. The GPS system on board alerts the control unit about the oncoming roundabout. The control unit then decides the activation and deactivation of roundabout function.

Mercedes Benz cornering light function
Mercedes Benz cornering light function

In addition, the wider light beams in the roundabout function help the driver to locate the oncoming cyclists or pedestrians. This adds to safety on the road. The company is keen on developing the LED technology further. It is working on extremely fine LED chip. This LED chip can control 1024 individual pixels. This selective control will further refine the nighttime visibility and add to more safety.

Image & Video courtesy: Mercedes Benz

Watch Mercedes Benz lighting technology in action:

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