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What is Mercedes Benz Digital Rescue Assistant?

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How Mercedes-Benz Digital Rescue Assistant Help Emergency services?

Mercedes Benz, the German luxury car maker, is bringing and adopting several new technologies. Specifically, there is always a priority for the safety of the occupants. The new Digital Rescue Assistant system ensures the safety of the passengers. And, it also helps the rescue teams in emergency situations like a fatal collision.

Digital Rescue Assistance QR Code Scanner
Digital Rescue Assistant QR Code Scanner

In emergency situations, the Digital Rescue Assistant gives a clear understanding of the situation which saves time. Hence, passengers can get out of the vehicle very quickly saving precious time in an accident. The system works together perfectly.

Mercedes Benz Digital Rescue assistant at your Help every time all time:

Digital Rescue Assistance Augmented Reality Interface
Digital Rescue Assistant Augmented Reality Interface

The system works specifically by means of rescue stickers. Every rescue sticker has QR code which has a direct link to right rescue card for each vehicle. The rescue assist app is available on leading mobile platforms for free.

So, we can point the smartphone to rescue card and will get direct safety-related information as well as three-dimensional views of the vehicle in the app itself. All this information is available offline. Hence, the app will still work in remote areas where there is no network or no working data connection.

All of this is to ensure greater safety in case of emergency situations. This will help the rescue assistance teams so that the teams can decide where to cut and where not to cut when the vehicle is critically damaged. Thus, they can help passengers to get out of the car quickly.

The rescue stickers are the adhesive labels with QR codes. These labels are applied at two places. One is inside the fuel filler flap and another is on the opposite B-Pillar. Both places, according to research, remain largely undamaged during accidents.

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