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David Brown Automotive

‘David Brown Automotive’: It Is Redefining Iconic British Cars…. Once Again

British businessman David Brown started ‘David Brown Automotive’ back in 2013. The cars manufactured here are iconic classic British cars. The company debuted its first car Speed Back GT in 2014 at Monaco. The manufacturing processes at David brown automotive are traditional. They continue traditional coach building in a new age. Hence, it is a limited edition automobile company.

David Brown Automotive Mini Interiors
David Brown Automotive Mini Interiors

The philosophy behind David Brown Automotive:

David Brown makes custom cars. The automobile’s rolling chassis is built independently. Similarly, they build the body and interior trim according to the customers preferences. Hence, every car manufactured is custom. In conclusion, this early era of coach building now manufactures one of the most desirable cars in the world.

Later in 21st century, mass production techniques evolved. Today, almost all cars are built by robots. However, they lack human touch. As a result, the economics of scale wiped out the custom coach building business. The largest manufacturers absorbed most of these coach builders while some evolved into a limited customized car manufacturers.

David Brown Automotive Interiors
David Brown Automotive Interiors

The company is keeping the British tradition of coach building in the 21st century. In conclusion, now starts the era of limited edition and beautifully crafted cars.

The story of David Brown Automotive:

Mr. David Brown, the founder,  is combining his love of car with his engineering, designing and manufacturing background. The vehicles manufactured at David Brown Automotive hold the three important aspects – style, quality and performance. His passion reflects in every car manufactured here.

In addition, a highly skilled team at the company is helping him to achieve his dream of building classic legends. The craftsmanship and British engineering imitate the real beauty that you can enjoy in cars manufactured over here.

David Brown Automotive Back Seat
David Brown Automotive Back Seat

The legendary shape of the sixties and modern engineering techniques go hand in hand. So, the car performs like a modern-day car without losing its classic style. Every car manufactured over here is without any compromise. The finest British materials and handmade body panels perfected by precision engineering technique, making these cars rarest of the rare and represent skilled craftsmanship in Great Britain.

The car models at David Brown Automotive:

Furthermore, the company is currently manufacturing two fully customised cars. One of them is Speed Back GT. The other is a MINI Remastered. The Speed Back GT has Jaguar XK alloy platform with Aston Martin DB5 styling. The drive train includes 5.0 Litre Jaguar AJ V8 engine generates 510BHP of raw power. As a result, it can achieve 0-60kmph in mare 4.6 seconds.

The MINI Remastered is the same as Mark I Mini which Mini manufactures since 2017. In addition, there are plenty of customization options available. Two limited edition models are also available; one inspired by café racers and the other is by Monte Carlo.

With all this, we are very sure David Brown Automotive is setting up benchmark in contemporary car design in the modern world.

All Image Courtesy: David Brown Automotive

Here are some more details on official website.

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