What Is Volvo Dynamic Steering System? Know More

Volvo dynamic steering

What is Volvo Dynamic Steering?

Volvo is a Swedish vehicle manufacturer. The company recently came up with the new steering technology – the Volvo Dynamic Steering. This new kind of steering technology reduces the driver’s efforts. In addition, it also increases road safety. It works in all kinds of road conditions.

The Volvo Dynamic Steering provides stability at high speeds. It also reduces the drivers’ stress and the strain on their muscles. Furthermore, it avoids unintentional change of the lane and avoids skidding. The dynamic steering allows you to set your steering preferences. One of the intelligent features of this steering is that it offers remote steering control.

How does Volvo Dynamic Steering work?

Volvo Dynamic Steering works on two main components – An electric motor and Hydraulic steering gear.  The electric motor fits perfectly on the hydraulic gear. The system controls the electric motor at around 2000 times per second as it receives the responses from the driver. It also analyzes the information it receives from various sensors. This information includes the amount of applied torque by the driver. Besides, it has the current ambient conditions of the surroundings. Thus, the system achieves precise steering control.

The third main component of this steering is the electronic control unit (ECU). The control unit processes crucial information such as the movement of the truck and its speed. Then, it sends this information to the electric motor. The motor then corrects the steering force.

Furthermore, this steering uses a torque overlay principle. This overlay corrects the unintentional steering movements. It also provides extra torque on demand. This steering is now available in all the axle configurations including the dual front-axle setup.


First of all, the biggest advantage of this steering system is its lightness at low speeds. So, you can easily maneuver the vehicle into tight corners as well as while reversing. While the truck is in motion and the driver lightens his grip on the steering wheel, the steering automatically self-centers itself. Thus, eliminating the stresses.

The dynamic steering helps to keep you drive straight even if you hit potholes, road ruts. It assists during correcting your course on uneven road surfaces. It also balances high crosswinds. The dynamic steering with stability assist reduces the skidding. Once the system detects skidding, it provides slight steering wheel assistance. So, it keeps you on course without skidding.

Volvo dynamic steering stability assist
Volvo dynamic steering stability assist

This steering with lane keeping assist avoids accidents and roll over. The system detects the unintentional approach to the lane markings and provides steering support.  This system comes with external steering that lets you control the vehicle remotely. In addition, you can customize the steering as you wish with personal settings.

Volvo dynamic steering personal settings
Volvo dynamic steering personal settings

Furthermore, the system automatically compensates for small potholes or bumps. It also eliminates vibrations and small involuntary movements of the steering. Hence, the driver becomes more stress-free. Ultimately, this increases road safety.

Image and video courtesy: Volvo

Watch Volvo Dynamic Steering in action:

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