MG Drive AI: What you need to know

MG Drive AI

The Drive AI from MG Motors: Future of mobility is here

The Morris Garage is a British automotive brand, manufacturing cars since 1920. MG produces two-seater sports cars as well as saloons and coupes. MG is known for bringing futuristic technology to the current market, starting from the concept of the Internet inside the car. In addition, MG recently unveiled the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the car. The MG Drive AI will bring Artificial intelligence to the car.

Drive AI
Drive AI

Furthermore, the industry-first personnel AI assistant with Autonomous level 2 technology will bring the new in-car experience never seen before. MG is aiming further to build a tech platform on the concept of the car as a platform (CAAP). The MG is currently working on AI. It will enable further development of applications and services on AI. So, the new technology will support the on-demand in-car needs of the customers.

In addition, the era of cars just limited to the wheelbase, horsepower, and RPM is now gone. It’s now really a time to change, and MG knows it better. It is all about our imagination. It is a time to run our vehicles on our voice. The car will know the need for reserved parking even before you realize it. Imagine the cars that can reward you for driving well, like discounts on insurance premiums. Imagine the car that knows your mind. This time is not in the future, this time is now, and MG knows it. So, MG imagines the car as a platform. The car, as a platform, has endless possibilities, and this platform will grow and learn on its own. So, Mg Drive AI will bring host new features and a very new level of interaction.

The personnel AI

The MG is designing a new platform that will bring new personnel AI assistants inside the car. Star Design, an American firm, will develop the personnel AI assistant for MG. The new assistant will imitate human-like emotions and voices. It will also provide information via Wikipedia and interact with other people in a car. An I-smart hub inside the car will power it.

i smart HUB
I smart HUB

Furthermore, it is the platform where all services, partnerships, and subscriptions will reside. All the customers inside the car can customize services according to their needs. This platform will bring the CAAP concept into reality. It is a whole ecosystem, and that will surely take customer experience to the next level.

The Autonomous level 2

The Drive AI-enabled cars will also have Autonomous level 2 autonomy in the cars. It will bring breakthrough technologies in new segments of vehicles. Currently, Autonomous driving is only available in a handful of expensive cars. MG wants to change that. The innovations and software at the core will bring revolution. The potential of AI is immense, and AI will surely help optimize smarter and safer driving experiences.

The Autonomous level 2 cars will also feature mid-range radars and cameras. These cameras and radars, in turn, help to bring ADAS (advanced driver assistant system) in cars. The ADAS system consists of the forward-collision assistant, adaptive cruise control, AEB, Lane-keeping assist, Lane departure warning system, intelligent headlamp control, rear-drive assist, and speed assist system. All of these functions will improve driving safety and comfort.


The concept of the car as a platform will open up enormous opportunities in the segment. The CAAP will have a host of services and subscriptions models. This platform will have maps, navigation, and cellular connectivity. Various music streaming services will also be available. The MG car owners can reserve a parking slot through the head unit. It is an Industry-first feature. The service will be available as ‘Park-plus’ in selected cities. So, CAAP will open up new possibilities. These possibilities will also evolve and will bring new services to the customers.

In conclusion, The MG Drive AI will undoubtedly set new industry standards. The latest and evolving bunch of features help customers solve daily tasks. Hence, the new ecosystem will bring a state-of-the-art customer experience making driving safer and enjoyable.

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