What is Rear Cross Traffic Assist & how does it work?

rear cross traffic assist

Rear cross traffic assist: working and advantages

We currently live in a fast-moving world. No one has time, and everyone rushes out of the parking space faster. This situation also creates danger and may result in accidents. So, we need a solution that provides safety in the parking spaces. The rear cross-traffic assist comes in handy in such situations.

Furthermore, the technology helps you reverse from the parking space quickly. The parking space consists of so many moving things. For example, moving vehicles, running children, people, cyclists, and so on. So, while reversing your car from parking space, you may come close to any of them. As a result, you may accidentally dash them. We need to avoid such a situation, and technology plays a crucial role here. Hence, you can prevent this situation by using a rear cross-traffic alert.

What is a rear cross traffic assist?

The rear cross-traffic assist is an advanced driver alert system. This system detects approaching vehicles or objects coming from both sides while reversing out of the parking space. In addition, the system automatically detects objects or persons moving from behind and alerts the driver.

Besides, the alert icon usually appears in the appropriate side mirror or on the dashboard automatically. So, the driver accordingly takes action and avoids rear collision while reversing. It’s a blind spot detection system. The system also has one enhancement called rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist. This system has the base of rear cross-traffic assist.

Furthermore, the rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist is a further enhancement in technology. In this system, if the driver keeps reversing irrespective of cross-traffic warning, the system automatically applies brakes and avoids potential collision. This technology works on similar lines of blind spot collision avoidance assist.

How does rear cross traffic assist works?

First of all, the most crucial component in this technology is the corner radar sensor. The system uses two corner radar sensors placed on the rear bumper. The sensors estimate the distance, driving path, and speed of the oncoming vehicle, cyclist, and/or pedestrians nearby.

Furthermore, when the system detects the crossing of other road users in the rear of the car, either from left or right, it automatically alerts the driver. Most of the time, the range here is 50 meters. The warning includes acoustic or visual signals to the driver.

The corner radar sensor

The corner radar sensor detects objects, people, vehicles most accurately and reliably. The wide beam angle, long-range, and state-of-the-art angular resolution help find objects accurately and faster speed. In addition, the chirp sequence modulation of the radar sensor improves its perception. This modulation provides greater detail of the oncoming object improving the efficiency of rear cross-traffic assist.

Corner radar sensor
Corner radar sensor

Furthermore, the chirp sequence modulation also detects objects to the highest precision possible. Thus, the sensor helps drive safely and comfortably. The sensor is ideal for detecting traffic in the front and back of the vehicle. The corner radar sensor also detects objects in busy city traffic or highways. It also helps in complex intersections. In addition, the sensor can warn the driver or initiate an emergency stop.

In addition, a corner radar sensor helps to visualize what is going on behind the vehicle. Therefore, it alerts the driver swiftly, keeping everyone safe. Furthermore, the sensor helps the occupants while opening doors. It detects if something is coming from behind while opening the door and alerts if it sees something. Thus, it enhances the safety of occupants and other road users.


The vital advantage of the rear cross-traffic assist is the occupant’s safety. It warns the driver while backing out from the parking space. The technology enables stress-free reversing from parking space even with low visibility. It is also one of the best support for drivers reversing from perpendicular parking spaces. The wide range of 50 meters enables more safety from moving traffic. It is one of the best active safety systems that keep you safe.

In conclusion, the rear cross-traffic assist avoids collision during reversing of the vehicle, enhancing the safety of the occupants with stress-free operations.

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Watch rear cross traffic assist in action:

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