Audi skysphere concept

Audi skysphere concept: what you need to know

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Skysphere concept: a spectacular roadster from Audi

Audi AG, the German luxury carmaker, recently unveiled the Audi skysphere concept. The new concept is a fully electric two-door convertible. The design of the skysphere concept represents the future of Audi design. Additionally, the brand itself highlights a vision for the progressive luxury segment of the future.

Audi skysphere
Audi skysphere

Furthermore, The skysphere concept has interiors as an interactive space. So, people can communicate and control cars effortlessly. The whole platform will create a captivating experience. The new experiences are possible by using technologies like a digital ecosystem, revolutionary changes in interiors, and autonomous driving.

In addition, the Audi skysphere concept also highlights the future of customer experiences. It is not only about driving; it is also about world-class experiences. The concept features two different driving experiences in the same car - a grand touring experience and a sports car experience. Additionally, this concept has a variable wheelbase. Sophisticated components, electric motor, and slidable frame components can change the wheelbase by 250mm. It is also possible to change the ground clearance by 10mm. Thus, you can enhance comfort and driving dynamics. With a simple touch of a button, you can change the entire experience from touring to sports.

The Exteriors

The exteriors of the concept clearly emphasize more on lines. The lines make the real difference. The skysphere has a clear emphasis on a wide track with agility. In the front, the long hood and a short overhang give impressive proportions. Curved surfaces of wheel arches and the hood give distinct looks. Besides, the rear of the vehicle looks more like a speedster. The large glass surface of the rear adds to the elegance.

Audi skysphere Exteriors
Audi skysphere Exteriors

Furthermore, the front of the Audi skysphere concept highlights a single frame. The single frame and other adjacent surfaces have white LED elements. These LED lights also serve as functional visual elements during the opening and closing of the vehicle. In addition, the daytime running lights provide some gaze to lighting units.

In addition, the rear of the vehicle also has lots of LEDs that extend along the width at the rear. They create dynamic lighting sequences. So, when you change the mode, it means from grand touring to sport, the light signature changes accordingly. Hence, the lights clearly indicate a difference in the overall character and stance of the vehicle.

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