DAB Motors Concept E: Redefining future of e motorcycles

DAB Motors concept e

DAB Concept E: Taking Electric mobility to the next level

DAB motors is a french motorcycle manufacturer which has its headquarters in Bayonne, France. It manufactures motorcycles on a preorder basis. First of all, DAB Motors’ concept E highlights the vision for future mobility.

concept e
concept e

Furthermore, DAB challenges traditional motorcycle design with intelligent disruption. It is just in line with riders who are always looking for something new. Owning a DAB motorcycle is an experience. Every motorcycle is custom-made. The design of DAB Motors concept E is immaculate and minimalistic. As a result, the aero-efficient design along the clean lines puts Concept E in a different league.

In addition, the company takes a holistic approach to design. So, this approach targets the boldest urban riders. However, DAB concept E is the first electric motorcycle from the company. Moreover, the new concept E begins the transition to electric for DAB motors.

Design Inovation

The DAB motors designed concept E as an object in Mind. It did not design it as a traditional motorcycle. Thus, you can see drastic differences in every part of the e-motorcycle. Starting from headlights, dash to the rear of the motorcycle. The careful study of the materials for swingarm and dashboards leads to elegance in cable integration.

Concept E Dash Projection
Concept E Dash Projection

Furthermore, The concept E has two aspects in its design. So, it’s a design with two distinct lines: the horizontal line and an oblique line. The horizontal line highlights the simplicity. Additionally, an oblique line gives this bike the flying back form. The DAB motors have an iconic flying back form in their design. So, this flying back form gives an impression of speed and lightness to the motorcycle’s rear. Furthermore, the red tail lights have a supercar-like appearance. The LED speedometer integrates into triple trees. So, it’s like a projector displaying the critical information directly on the bodywork.

concept e tail lights
concept e tail lights

DAB Motors Concept E: Minimalistic and Pure Electric

The concept E features a 10 kW electric motor with a 51.8 V Li-ion battery. So, concept E almost translates to 125CC road-legal traditional motorcycle. Furthermore, the concept E stands out due to its riding comfort and intuitive use. Additionally, the powerful instant torque propels you on city streets very silently., thanks to its electric motor.

DAB Motors concept E swingarm

In addition, the use of the best materials brings the highest quality standard. The use of carbon fiber, Ohlins suspension, and Beringer CNC aluminum brakes deliver unmatchable performance. The aluminum machined pulleys, along with the Gates belt-drive, provide maximum power at minimal noise.

In conclusion, the minimalistic and innovative design approach to Concept E highlights DAB’s vision for the future. The signature design intention, along with a showcase of barebone essentials, takes the design to the next level.

Watch DAB Motors Concept E in action:

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