MB Vision EQXX: The Benchmark In The Efficiency Is Here

MB Vision EQXX

MB Vision EQXX: The Efficiency Benchmark:

Mercedes Benz always finds something unique, raising the benchmark in the Industry. The MB Vision EQXX is also going in that direction with a new efficiency benchmark. In addition, this new concept car is setting up a new benchmark in electric range.

Vision EQXX Top View
Vision EQXX Top View

Furthermore, the new luxury prototype highlights that sustainability and efficiency could go hand in hand. The concept car has a range of 1000km on a single charge. So, the car consumes less than 10kWh of energy per 100km. Moreover, the exterior design and aerodynamics achieve a remarkable drag coefficient of just 0.17. This figure is extraordinary in itself. The use of new materials, lightweight design, and battery innovation takes this concept car to the future.

Astonishing Design

Mercedes Benz has a record of beautiful and aerodynamic designs. The EQS is already the most aerodynamic vehicle in production. However, the MB Vision EQXX takes aerodynamics to the next level. With a drag coefficient of just 0.17, this value is the next milestone in electromobility. This particular value is significant when it comes to range and electric driving. The two-thirds of energy gets lost in just countering the air resistance itself. However, a lower drag coefficient improves its range.

Furthermore, the form flows seamlessly from the front to solid and powerful shoulders in exterior design. Then it moves to a highly aerodynamic rear spoiler. Notably, the front of the car is minimal. And thus, the air resistance at the front is meager. The narrow rear wheel track allows air to move freely along its surface. The transparent external covers on wheels easily avoid all the air turbulences without compromising aesthetics.

EQXX Transparent Wheel Cover
EQXX Transparent Wheel Cover

The Interior

The MB Vision EQXX has interiors that embody sustainability. From Bamboo, Vegan silk to cactus. The mix of sustainable materials adds more to aesthetics. It highlights that you can achieve aesthetics and luxury without using animal products. At the same time use of sustainable materials also adds to the comfort. In addition, non-animal materials also reduce carbon footprint to a greater extent.

EQXX Interiors
EQXX Interiors

The MB Vision EQXX Drivetrain

They don’t measure modern efficiency in km per hour or horsepower anymore. The future measurement of sustainability is efficiency. The EQXX has 95% efficiency. So, the batteries transfer 95% of the energy stored to the wheels. We can compare this with old technologies like the IC engine, which shares only 30% of the energy it produces to the wheels.

Furthermore, the long-distance runner can transfer 50% of energy to the foot in human beings. Thus, 95% energy transfer means a new class-leading standard that maximizes efficiency. In addition, the lightweight battery casing and a highly efficient compact power train add to efficiency.

The New Battery Dimensions

The Mercedes Benz radically redesigned batteries in MB Vision EQXX by focussing more on energy density. Instead of making batteries heavier, they improved the energy density in the battery. As a result, this battery has an energy density of 200 Wh/kg, to be exact. In fact, this battery takes 50% less space than traditional batteries with the same capacity. In addition, the weight of this battery is 30% less than its counterparts.

The use of lightweight materials and state-of-the-art silicon anodes significantly improves battery capacity. Besides, the solar cells on the roof provide additional energy to auxiliary units. This arrangement reduces the energy demands of the high-volt system. Thus, you get the extra range. This feature can get up to 25kms of additional range on any typical day. Besides, it is beneficial in long-distance journeys.

In conclusion, the MB Vision EQXX is the benchmark of efficiency. We are very sure the new concept will raise the bar in electromobility.

Image Courtesy: Mercedes Benz

Watch MB Vision EQXX in Action

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