Mercedes Benz Vision EQS

Mercedes Benz Vision EQS: An Electric Car To Vie For

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Vision EQS concept car from Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz is the most respected brand in the automotive world. It is one of the most innovative brands in the world. Recently Mercedes unveiled Mercedes Benz Vision EQS. It's a concept car that shows the future of Mercedes Benz cars.

Vision EQS Exteriors
Vision EQS Exteriors

Furthermore, the need for mobility and luxury is timeless. The vision EQS is the first milestone in CO2 neutral mobility. The Vision EQS is a luxury saloon that meets the new goals of sustainability. The company always keeps itself innovating in technology and sustainability.

The Design

The Vision EQS has a progressive luxury design philosophy. The overall design of the EQS looks like a stretched 'one bow' design. It simply has a seamless and dramatic design. Hence, it has a remarkable presence on the road.

In addition, the jewel-like 24" inch multi-spoke wheels align themselves with flowing body lines. So, simply they highlight the luxurious characters of the saloon. For the first time, the rear lights completely integrate into the body. The 229 LED stars highlight a completely new approach in designing the brand logo.

Vision EQS Rear view
Vision EQS Rearview

The 360-degree exterior light-belt joins the front LED matrix grille. As a result, it creates a dramatic division in the shoulder area. So, it creates a contrast that highlights aesthetic dynamism in the car. When we look at it, it feels like the glass dome floating on the vehicle body. It simply stretches the modern saloon visually.

EQS Lighting
EQS Lighting

Furthermore, the digital light headlamp, 360-degree surrounding light-belt, and LED matrix is a communication media. It actually communicates and interacts with its surroundings. Hence, it creates some fascinating expressions of depth.

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