Kia UVO: Here is what you need to know

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Kia UVO: Connected car solution from Kia

Kia motor is South Korea's second-largest auto manufacturer. The company recently came up with a new infotainment and telematics solution called Kia UVO. This service helps consumers to easily maintain and communicate with the car.

Kia UVO Remote TPMS
Kia UVO Remote TPMS

Furthermore, Kia UVO is a smart, futuristic and secure solution from Kia. The solution provides live traffic and 3D maps. Besides, it has the ability to send destination maps to the car smartly.

In addition, It provides a security feature like 24*7 emergency assistance and Auto-collision notification. The futuristic solution such as AI-based voice assistance and remote control is also available.

What are the features of Kia UVO technology?

Kia UVO provides a host of new features. These features are state-of-the-art. So, you can simply relax and enjoy driving.

Navigation Feature

In Navigation, you can send a destination route to your car via your smartphone. In addition, you can simply schedule your trips on smartphones and send destination link to the car.

Furthermore, you can search the destination on the dashboard screen and send it back to the phone. 'Live traffic' alert helps you to navigate quickly through the traffic. Similarly, you can track your car in real-time. You can share your car location and find your car on the map.

Remote Control

The most interesting feature of Kia UVO is the remote control. You can start and stop the engine remotely. Also, you can simply set AC temperature remotely before even entering into the car. The remote air purifier control is also possible via the app.

Furthermore, the remote honk and light-flash are important features to identify the vehicle in a parking lot. Remote door lock or unlock feature comes handy. You can check the car's tire remotely via the TPMS system. From the UVO app you can check the status of the car. You can even check the fuel level remotely.

Safety and Security

Safety features in Kia UVO help you in an emergency. In the case of an airbag deployment, an automated SMS will be sent to your pre-selected contacts. The call center can quickly help with location to police and ambulance.

Furthermore, the SOS button on IRVM can provide quick support from the call center for Ambulance or police. RSA button located on IRVM can provide roadside assistance with the location. When you press the panic button on the key fob an SMS will be sent to emergency contacts.

In addition, stolen vehicle notification comes handy which remotely immobilizes your vehicle. So, you can track your stolen vehicle with the real-time location. You can also set the geo-fence and time-fence alert. Via Kia UVO app, you can set the speed alert and idle alert. Even you can set valet alert with set parameters.

Convenience and Kia UVO

Kia UVO takes you to the next level of convenience. AI-powered voice assistant helps you to communicate with the car naturally. You can check the air quality index inside the car via the UVO app. Furthermore, to get assistance on the destination, you can press the UVO button on IRVM. Besides, you can check driving behavior and trip details on the go.

UVO Air Quality Management
UVO Air Quality Management

Vehicle Management

The vehicle management solution can provide the health report of the car in a few clicks. So, you are always worry-free. Furthermore, the timely manual and automatic diagnostic alerts help to diagnose problems early. The Maintenance alert helps you to replace consumables on time and keep your car roadworthy.

In conclusion, Kia UVO solution is a state of the art service from KIA. It has numerous safety functionalities that keep you safe always.

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Watch Kia UVO functions

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