Mercedes-Benz user experience

Mercedes-Benz User Experience: Everything You Need To Know

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MBUX: The new user experience

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is a whole new type user experience. The company recently unveiled all new level of interaction in its cars. It is a new kind of infotainment system that learns. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence which enables immense new possibilities.

Mercedes-Benz user experience Navigation
Mercedes-Benz user experience Navigation

The MBUX creates a new emotional connection with the user. The new system adapts to the user and other co-passengers' needs. Hence, new kind of interaction yields more positive user experience. Furthermore, the system software will get over-the-air updates. The natural speech recognition gives more user-friendly experience. The touchscreen and augmented reality in navigation create better interaction than ever before.

The design of Mercedes-Benz user experience.

The operating system of new MBUX interface has three levels of the display screen. Each level gives more information with deeper insights. The first home screen has navigational main menus. It displays important information like arrival time, current music track etc. alongside the main menu.

The next level of the screen is the base screen. The base screen shows controls for the main application. This screen is just one touch away. The current running application now takes the position at the bottom edge of the screen. The last screen is the sub-menu. It gives access to rarely used information and settings.

The horizontal display cluster gives more space for easy navigation. The whole display is completely customizable by individual preferences. Mercedes-Benz user experience also has a full-screen mode. In this mode, the entire display shows navigation and assistance.

The voice control

The new voice control system is now enabled with natural speech recognition. The MBUX linguatronic understands almost every command related to vehicle control and infotainment in natural language. The system also understands the iteration of the same question in a different format.

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