Bugatti Divo: cornering redefined

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Bugatti Divo is here and we are thrilled

Bugatti automobiles is a high-performance luxury sports car manufacturer from France. The thrilling speed and design is character of every the Bugatti. Bugatti is basically a subsidiary of Volkswagon AG. The company is known for its vibrant sports car Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Chiron and the next is Bugatti Divo. So the Bugatti Divo is the most dynamic and agile sports car ever made by Buggati. The car that surely outperforms every corner.

Bugatti Divo sideview
Bugatti Divo side view

Furthermore, the name Divo comes after the legendary race car driver Albert Divo. Albert made his name in worlds toughest race of Targa Florio. At that time the race comprised of five 108 km lapse comprising of 1400 corners. Buggati dominated this insane race for five consecutive years. To pay homage to Albert Divo Buggati this time comes with his name for its car.

The Buggati Divo have dynamic handling and performance. The incredible downforce keeps the car on the ground without compromising speed. The production of Divo is limited to just 40 units hence very few in the world can enjoy the breathtaking performance in every corner. The car design philosophy is forms follow the performance. This philosophy takes this car at a new level with incredible aerodynamics. The Divo also follows coachbuilding traditions but at the same time, its design is modern and striking in every aspect. It's actually a blend of new and old making it a real Bugatti.

The design masterpiece Bugatti Divo

The Divo has a visual horizontal division. So the upper part of the car is muscular in nature while the lower part has more of angular shape. The lower profile of the car is more technical emphasizing its forceful nature. The wedge shape profile of the car adds to the dynamism of the car and it never goes away even when it's not moving. This is possible, because of its rising beltline that pushes the cockpit forward.


Furthermore, the visual horizontal division continues at the front of the car. The front air intake area gives the car the more aggressive look and front splitter adds to downforce. The air curtain ducts improve the airflow around the car keeping it cool all the time. The vertical alignment of ultra-compact LED headlights allows additional air intake for cooling brake pads. The daytime running lights give the sense of the width and add to its strength.

In addition, the car achieves higher downforce by partially routing front air intake through bonnet of the car. The most stunning design feature in this car is its central fin. The central fin avoids turbulence by the air in the rear. The rear grill is partly 3D printed and accommodates the tail light system. The four pipe exhaust adds real beauty at the rear.

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