Renault EZ-ULTIMO: ultimate future car

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EZ-ULTIMO: self-driving ultra luxury lounge.

Renault is a French multinational car manufacturer producing cars since 1899. The company recently unveils its concept car Renault EZ-ULTIMO. The car is basically based on the concept of shared mobility. In addition, the car also features French style and elegance in its design. The look of the car is premium and it feels immersive at first glance. This car is fully electric and gives you connected experience all the time. So it's more like a lounge where you can enjoy an hour or day trip.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO topview
Renault EZ-ULTIMO top view

In addition, the car is autonomous hence you have to just sit inside and travel to your favorite destination without the hassle. The Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a truly remarkable experience of its own. The exceptional premium design and styling remind you the French heritage.

The Renault EZ-ULTIMO design

The EZ-ULTIMO features two-tone bodywork. The upper side of the car is jet black while the lower side features colour of the champagne with some green tone. The side upper part features 600 diamond shape facets and they act like a one-way mirror. So this mirror protects the privacy of the occupants while from inside it looks completely transparent. This feature gives breathtaking visuals of the surrounding without compromising privacy.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO interiors
Renault EZ-ULTIMO interiors

The interiors of the car are more interesting. The whole cabin feels like a cacoon and you will always feel like you are in your living room and not in the car. Actually, the idea of design comes from a Haussmannian-style apartment. The entire floor is wooden and chairs are entirely made up of leather and velvet. The marble band on the sides gives a more realistic experience. The two lamps in pale gold colour illuminate the cabin in a true sense. All the materials are top of the range and processed specifically for automotive use. As a result, you will get a truly sophisticated experience in a luxurious living space.

Whats onboard?

The Renault EZ-ULTIMO has some unique features ready to serve the occupants. The cabin encompasses one armchair and a large bench for two so it is a three-seater car. Hence people can communicate with each other face to face. The car also has a large open space as batteries located beneath the floor and luggage compartment is separate. The interiors have neo-retro look showcasing Renaults 120 years of legacy. You can control light and sound by rotating knobs.

In addition, wireless charging pads and permanent WiFi brings seamless connectivity. The customized content on tablet keeps you engaged while taking a ride in this car. The passengers in the car can access refreshments and book the hotel or restaurant table on the go. Hence you get the most relaxing experience.

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