ClearMotion: World’s first proactive ride system is here

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ClearMotion: One of its kind predictive suspension system

Everyday, we come across bad roads, pothole-ridden roads, and uneven road surfaces. The current passive suspension systems are not enough to handle such kinds of roads. So, you get fatigued during long-distance travel. Here comes ClearMotion, a proactive ride system.

ClearMotion Proactive Ride System
ClearMotion Proactive Ride System

Furthermore, ClearMotion is a predictive suspension system. This system exacts pressure on the dampers in accordance with changing road conditions. So, your ride becomes smoother.

In addition, it relies on a combination of hardware and software. This technology predicts the road and reacts accordingly. Hence, you get incomparable handling, stability, and comfort.

Advantages of ClearMotion proactive ride system

ClearMotion gives you total control over your car. The system gives you comfort, safety, and performance. These three ingredients make your ride safe and sound.

Comfort plays paramount importance in your daily routine. It keeps you fresh and productive all the time. ClearMotion keeps you comfortable; transforming your car into an extension of your home or workplace. This system keeps you gliding. Hence, you can drive effortlessly.

The proactive ride system avoids roll and provides optimal stability on road. So, it simply enhances your driving performance. You can enter the corner with more speed and confidence. In addition, you can also accelerate earlier and harder while leaving the corner. It simply enhances vehicle steering, road feedback, and stability.

ClearMotion also keeps you safe. It alerts you with haptic feedback. It activates in milliseconds when it comes to emergency braking. In addition, during critical maneuvers and lane-keeping, it comes handy. It can even create a virtual rumble strip so that you are always in the lane. It works alongside the lane departure warning system.

Furthermore, It maps micro terrain beneath the car and stores it in the cloud. Over time, it improves your ride and stability. The data in the cloud help to mitigate dangers on the road. It geotags road events that endanger your life. Thus, it utilizes data in the cloud to optimize suspension before time. It can even trigger alerts and inform the driver about changing road conditions.

Clear Motion Proactive Ride Technology

Proactive ride technology is a predictive suspension system. It predicts what is ahead and acts accordingly. The main component or the heart of the technology is the Activalve.

Furthermore, Activalve is an electro-hydraulic device that works via software. It constantly monitors, processes and responds to changing road conditions. Each Activalve consists of three main components. These three components are Digital controller, BLDC Electric motor and Gerotor. The three components work together at the sub-milliseconds time scale.


Furthermore, when the digital controller detects a change in road condition, it communicates with Activalves motor in milliseconds. The Activvalve motor then counteracts and exerts pressure on the damper.

The Activalve can fit on any standard size of the shock absorber. It can align with twin and tri tube systems. In addition, only a small amount of modifications to chassis and body can easily accommodate Activavlve.

The four Activalves create a digital chassis. These four Activalves on four suspension sets are connected to a central gateway. The central gateway then collects data and stores it to the cloud. This data can be analyzed and retrieved at any time.

ClearMotion Digital Chasis
ClearMotion Digital Chasis

ClearMotion has its own operating system called The RideOS. It collects and processes the HD level map of the road surface ahead. The control theory algorithm then continuously adjusts suspension parameters. In addition, the reinforcement learning algorithm continuously learns the road profile and makes future rides comfortable.

Active suspension seat

The active suspension seat is the technology-driven seat that makes ride hassle-free. It incorporates advanced ride technology directly at the seat base. Hence, it detaches the driver from harsh driving conditions.

ClearMotion Active Suspension Seat
Active Suspension Seat

Furthermore, the proprietary algorithms of ClearMotion cancel out vibrations. It senses the vehicle motion and counteracts instantly. It simply counteracts the forces, giving more comfort to the driver.

So the active suspension seat reduces fatigue, especially during long-distance driving. It also improves ride quality. This technology is particularly useful for truck drivers. This technology improves the driver's health.

In conclusion, ClearMotion sets a new benchmark in ride comfort. Its technology will surely make your journey comfortable.

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Watch ClearMotion Proactive Ride in action

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