Honda LaneWatch

What Is Honda LaneWatch? All You Need To Know

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What is the Honda LaneWatch?

Honda Motor Corporation is one of the most trusted brands in the automotive world. The company puts a lot of efforts in building new technology. More recently Honda introduced a safety system - the Honda LaneWatch technology in its cars.

Honda LaneWatch Display
Honda LaneWatch Display

Honda Lanewatch technology assists during a lane change and it also enhances visibility. The increase in visibility means more safety. The additional visibility also enables easy overtaking and keeps you more vigilant across all lanes.

The traditional vehicles have blind spots across both sides of the vehicle. The drivers are unable to see vehicles and cyclists coming from extreme left or right. As a result, it leads to fatal accidents. The Lane Watch gives clear visibility of the extreme left and right corners of the vehicle. Hence, provides more visibility than traditional rearview mirrors.

How Honda LaneWatch works?

The LaneWatch is a supplementary camera system to side mirrors. A camera is installed on the right rear view mirror and pointed towards the blind spot. This technology is different than the digital side view mirrors.

The camera activates with a press of the button. The camera then projects an image of the area on the 7-inch screen in the vehicle. The driver can take a look on the screen without taking the eyes off the road.

In order to take more advantage of the system, the LaneWatch activates automatically when you start the turn signal. The driver also has the option to turn it on manually with a press of a button whenever s/he needs it.

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