Canoo: The next wave in electric cars is here


Canoo: The vehicle subscription service for everyone

The way you see today’s world has changed tremendously in the past couple of years. We think of convenience and ease of access first and all other things later. This applies to all our stuff, including buying groceries, but except vehicles. Here, Canoo makes the difference. It seems it will bring ease of access and convenience to electric vehicles.

Canoo Rear View
Canoo Rear View

Canoo is a Los Angeles based startup manufacturing electric vehicles on their own. They offer a subscription model where you have to pay monthly, and the vehicle is at your service 24*7. So, It is as simple as that. It is hassle-free and convenient. Besides, these plans will not have long-term commitments.

The startup is aiming for mass production of the first product as early as 2022. Besides, the start-up has huge investments very early, and now the start-up will soon be listed on NASDAQ. It’s a bit of achievement, as it is challenging to gather investments even if you have bright ideas.

The design and Canoo

Canoo is basically a minivan with lots of space. It is a symmetrical form that maximizes interior space while minimizing exteriors. The headlights and taillights have timeless designs. We can say that its a brand identity itself.

Furthermore, the unique architecture consists of 22 windows that create functional space. This design also adds visibility and light. It’s an open architecture where you can enjoy stress-free surroundings. The Canoo has three types of windows, Safari windows, roof window and street view window. The 20″ standard wheels improve aerodynamics reducing aerodynamic drag.

Canoo Interiors
Canoo Interiors

The interiors are more like your home. The seats have designs like modern-day furniture. The Canoo has a seating capacity of seven. It has three different types of seats – lounge seats, jump seats, and drawer seats.

Furthermore, it has no screens. The startup believes everyone has its own screen in the pocket, so no need for another screen. You can enjoy seamless connectivity via the Canoo app.

Besides, the dashboard is concealed in the front and takes design inspiration from smart speakers. It shows traditional data such as speed, range, navigation, and media. It has four distinct storage spaces. The first one is under-seat storage, the second one is pegboard, the third one is the front door pocket, and the last one is the rear door pocket.


You can customize the pegboard as you like. The steering console has no mechanical linkages. The steer by wire technology gives you an unbelievable steering experience. The most interesting part is about Airbags. The Canoo features visible Airbags.

The Engineering at its best

Canoo comprises of real engineering elements, and base of the Canoo is called as a skateboard. This proprietary architecture enables all Canoo vehicles to share the same skateboard. Typically, it provides large space just like SUV, but at the same time, it has a compact car footprint.

Frame Structure

The steer by wire technology gives steering performance never seen before. This technology also makes future technology implementation simpler and easier, like Autonomous Vehicles. The composite transverse leaf springs make skateboard flatter and at the same time increase the passenger space.

Furthermore, one more thing is different when it comes to climate control. The climate control is incorporated directly in the skateboard, i.e. base of the vehicle. Hence, you can use space more optimally. The battery also fits inside the skateboard for torsional rigidity and package efficiency.

The Safety and Power

Canoo uses lightweight, high strength steel, and it exceeds the performance and safety requirements. The Canoo has level 2 Autonomy. It uses 7 cameras, 5 radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Canoo has facial monitoring cameras, to warn the driver in case of an emergency. It also employs deep learning algorithms to recreate the world around the vehicle.

Besides, it has 12 airbags throughout the vehicle working collectively for the utmost safety of the passengers. The 22 windows provide a high degree of visibility, ultimately adding to safety by avoiding blind spots.

The vehicles here are one hundred per cent electric and contribute to a greener future. You can charge the entire battery pack to 80% in just 28 minutes. The single permanent magnet synchronous electric motor produces 300Hp. The liquid cooling prevents the system from overheating. You can also configure the vehicle with options like front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Canoo Vehicle Specifications

Canoo comes with a seating capacity of seven. The vehicle has a range of 250 miles on a single charge. It will be available in one colour. However, you can wrap it by endless wraps and it has zero screens.

The motor produces 300Hp of power with 450Nm peak motor torque. It can go from 0-60 in less than seven seconds. Canoo vehicles have a top speed of 125 Mph. The 80 kWh battery pack can charge from 0-80% in 28 minutes.

The membership

Canoo offers flexible membership plan where it totally avoids long term commitment. Payment terms consist of an all-inclusive monthly payment, and the car is yours.

The all-inclusive cost consists of registration, charging, maintenance, month to month flexibility, No dealership. Just an app, and insurance. It works like this – Apply to become a member, receive your car, drive it, enjoy it, return or resume any time.

In conclusion, Canoo will surely bring a new wave to the electric car industry with simple hassle-free membership plans. Thus, bringing convenience and ease of access for everyone.

Image Courtesy: Canoo

Watch Canoo in action:

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