The BluArmor: Most awaited helmet cooler is here


Ride comfortably in any climate thanks to BluArmor

When you go for a ride, especially in summers, you always need some cooling inside your helmet. What if you fit something that will cool your helmets from inside? The BluArmor has found the right solution for the same. The BluArmor is an Indian startup based in Banglore. They invented a helmet cooler to keep you comfortable in almost any climate.

The BluArmor is a unique innovation that will address the cooling needs of a two-wheeler rider. You can attach the unit to only full-face helmets. The unit filters out oncoming air and cools it down. So you can enjoy the cool, dust-free air.

The startup has made three products with different functionalities and applications. The first one is Blusnap2, the second one is BLU3 A10, and the third one is BLU3 E20. All these three have different features and price points, which we will explain in detail.

The Overview

First of all, BluArmor is not an air conditioner. Air conditioners require closed spaces, and the helmet has exactly the opposite design. Helmets have vents to direct airflow around your head and keep the space airy as much as possible. So, helmets allow you to breathe easier with the help of vents.

Besides, it is not a cooler based on the Peltier effect. Peltier coolers are not efficient when it comes to cooling the human body. Besides, it won’t circulate air around your scalp. Besides, it will not reduce the temperature by 15 degrees under all ambient conditions.

So, what is BluArmor? It is a device that gives you visor down comfort by sending 5.2 liters of cool air per second into your helmet. Basically, It is a miniature evaporative air cooler. It provides relief and a fatigue-free riding experience under all ambient conditions. The device achieves this by creating abundant airflow along with the reduction in temperature inside the helmet.

The device flows air directly on your face, and it can fine-tune the flow and its direction. As a result, the device can reduce the temperature by 15 degrees Celsius when the ambient temperature is hot and dry, i.e., 45 degrees Celsius, 10%RH.

The BLU3 E20

The BLU3 E20 is the most advanced cooler from BluArmor. The important advantage of this cooler is a connectivity feature. It has dual mode Bluetooth support. Besides, adaptive filtering for wind noise cancellation helps for more clearer sound. It also has three fan speeds – Regular, Turbo, and Beast modes.

BLU3 E20
BLU3 E20

Furthermore, the chin mount has a split wing design that helps to fit onto different helmet sizes. You can detach and attach the cartridge via the locking mechanism. A quick defogger helps a lot in different climatic conditions. The integrated air deflector turns the direction of airflow.

The cooler also comes with an antibacterial filter that keeps away germs. The battery run times are different for different modes. In regular mode, the battery last for 15 Hours, In Turbo mode, it can last up to 7 hours, and in beast mode, it can last up to 3 hours. The dry weight of the cooler is 260gms.

The BLU3 A10

The BluArmor BLU3 A10 has all the features listed above except connectivity future. So, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, integration with your favorite app is not possible here. At the same time, all other features are almost the same. Besides, adaptive filtering for wind noise cancellation is not present in this cooler.

BLU3 A10
BLU3 A10

The BluSnap2

The BluSnap2 is a basic version of the cooler. It is the most affordable cooler for everyone. It has some basic features that keep you cool for 10 hours. You can have a dust-free and comfortable ride. It is specifically suitable for the daily commute. It has a quick defogger. The action cam compatible chin mount helps you attach your favorite action cam.


Furthermore, it requires just 10 seconds to refill the cartridge with water. It also has an antibacterial filter. It is a budget-friendly cooler. So, you can enjoy the cool and dust-free ride without emptying your wallet. This cooler is slightly lighter than the previous two; it ways 250gms.

In conclusion, The BluArmor cooler range is really a game-changer invention. So, get ready to enjoy dust free and cool rides wherever you go.

Imges courtesy – Blu Armor

Watch BluArmor in action

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