Eyeride Head-up display for Motorcyclists by Eyelights

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EyeRide HUD for riders.

Eyeride head-up display is an augmented reality addon for your helmet by Eyelights. It makes your helmet smart. It will also make your motorcycle trips safe as it keeps away the distractions such as cell phones. You can upgrade your helmet set up by using this addon.

Smallest Screen By Eyelights
Smallest Screen By Eyelights

Furthermore, the EyeRide also has an inbuilt GPS, Intercom, music, and calls options. The HUD display puts all of these functionalities in your field of vision. So, you will never fumble around your smartphones and try to pick up the calls. Taking a phone call on a motorcycle is dangerous, as it may cause an accident. Here, the Eyeride HUD makes the difference.


The Eyeride HUD is the smallest head-up display that you can install in any helmet. The display directly shows the GPS Map, calls, and music in your field of vision. So, you won't lose your concentration while riding. It also keeps your focus on the road and hence, adds to your overall safety.

First of all, the HUD technology was first introduced for fighter pilots, and then it entered into the automotive industry. The patented HUD technology saves 4.3 seconds of reaction time.

EyeRide Eyeview
EyeRide Eyeview

Furthermore, the display consists of a combination of Infinity focus and Nano HD OLED by Sony. It brings out natural rendering. It also produces a perfectly sharp and bright image (3000 nits). The Nano OLED display offers a hundred percent transparency and vibrant colors. So, you can keep your attention on the road for maximum time.

You can also install Eyeride HUD on any helmet, such as a full-face helmet, convertible helmet, and jet helmet. It can also work with your glasses or sun visor. So, you are ready to go at any time.

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