Cross helmet: the smart motorcycle helmet is here!

Cross helmet

Cross Helmet X1: The Next Generation, Smart motorcycle helmet by Borderless

The tech companies around the world are working on the smart prodcucts for automotives. This includes products such as the Samsung’s Smart Windshield and the S-Bike mode. Recently, Borderless, a Tokyo based startup, unveiled a  smart motorcycle helmet. This startup is currently focussing on industrial design along with product development. The company is working in the field of designing since 2012. With Cross helmet, Borderless is bringing the next step in helmet designing.

Cross helmet view from inside
Cross helmet view from inside

The founder of the company, Arata Oono, is an industrial designer. He is working in the field of automotive designing for 6.5 years. Earlier, he worked at GK Design group which is a renowned international design firm.

The Cross helmet is truly the next generation helmet  It has 3600 viewing angles. Besides, the helmet is connected to your cell phone via Bluetooth. Thus, you are connected to the world all the time without any distraction.

Cross helmet Head up display
Cross helmet Head-up display

The Cross sound control and a dedicated Smartphone app give you complete control of your helmet. The modern-day motorcycles are advanced rapidly along with changing technology. However, there was negligence in the field of the helmet i.e. the commost important safety equipment. Borderless has bridged the gap between the motorcycle and helmet. The company invented the most advanced helmet which takes safety to the next level.

Features of Cross Helmet X1:

The Cross Helmet X1 is equipped with the most admirable feature which is the rearview camera. The rear camera brings rear view in front of the rider. So, there is no need to turn your body to look back. This eliminates blind spots and improves safety while lane changing or turning.

This helmet also features a discrete capacitive touch-panel. The touch-panel allows simple gestures. So, you can control basic features safely while riding. Head up display brings up all the information you want such as the time, directions and weather.

Cross helmet design
Cross helmet design

The safety LED on both the sides of the helmet increases the visibility on road; improving road safety. Bluetooth connectivity helps connect your Smartphone or other external devices with ease.

The last but not least of the features is world’s first Cross sound technology. Cross-sound technology helps reduce the road noise. This helps to relieve the stress of the rider. Its noise control system helps to reduce fatigue. In addition, Cross helmets meet safety standards such as DOT, ECE 22.05 and JIS. Incorporating the advanced architecture and variable thickness improves the structural strength of the helmet.

In conclusion, Cross helmets bring the revolution in helmets. The advanced technology enhances the safety of the rider. And we are very sure Borderless will set a benchmark in the helmet technology.

Watch Cross helmet in action:

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