Bosch advanced rider assistance system

Bosch advanced rider assistance system for safer riding

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Bosch blind spot assistance, forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control for motorcycles

Bosch, the German automotive component manufacturer, is keen on developing safety systems. The company now comes up with Bosch Advanced Rider Assistance system for motorcycle riders. The motorcycle riders are 20% more prone to accidental death compared to cars drivers. This alarming situation needs an urgent attention. Hence, Bosch came up with a combination of rider assistance system.

Bosch is already supplying rider safety systems like ABS (Antilock Braking System) and MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control) to most motorcycle manufacturers. Now the company is stepping forward by employing the radar-based rider assistance systems to motorcycles. These systems are more vigilant and actively respond to an emergency than humans.

The base of such system is actually a combination of multiple systems. It includes a radar sensor, EMS, braking system and human-machine interface. The radar sensors can actually make a clear picture of the surrounding; providing more safety to the rider. So, now you can enjoy your rides more safely than ever before.

Bosch blind spot assistance system

The riders are more prone to blind spots in fast and dense moving traffic. So, it increases the risk of accidents. Bosch Blind Spot Assistance makes life easier by warning the rider through an optical signal. For example, the optical signal through a rear view mirror increases rider safety.

The radar sensor continues to detect and register objects in areas where human riders can’t see. The system keeps looking out in all the directions. It alerts the rider in the situation of the lane-change or overtaking. Hence, the rider can avoid the blind spot and the related risk.

Bosch blind spot assistance system
Bosch blind spot assistance system

Bosch Forward Collision Warning System

In the dense traffic, the rider needs to concentrate almost in every direction. A slight change in direction may result in severe consequences. Bosch Forward Collision Warning system alerts the rider in two situations. Firstly, when the rear vehicle is approaching fast and dangerously close and secondly when the rider is approaching fast to the vehicle traveling at the front.

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