Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC): How does it help while riding a bike?

motorcycle stability control

Motorcycle Stability Control By BOSCH:

German technology company, Bosch, developed Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) exclusively for two-wheelers. This is a safety system which helps the rider to control the bike better in the critical maneuvers in all driving conditions.

Usually, you will observe that the bikers find it difficult to keep the bike under control while travelling at a very high speed especially on turns. If the bike is accelerated or brakes are applied in such conditions, then there are high chances that the bike may go out of control. It may also cause an accident. The wet roads or those covered with ice further deteriorate the riding conditions. So, engineers developed MSC to improve the safety in such situations.

How Motorcycle Stability Control works?

Components of motorcycle stability control
Components of motorcycle stability control

The MSC continuously monitors several parameters of the bike in operation. They include wheel speed, bank angle, pitch angle, acceleration, brake pressure and many more. Thus, it can instantly recognize the critical operating condition and can intervene immediately when needed. The main function of this system is to distribute the brake force evenly on both the wheels thereby helping the rider to control the bike.

Furthermore, this system can avoid the wheel locking and side slipping on curved roads. Under normal working conditions, MSC works in the background. Thus, it does not hamper the pleasure of dynamic riding.

At present, MSC is available on the high-end bikes such as KTM, BMW, and Ducati brands. However, some manufacturers are launching the new motorcycles with the Motorcycle Stability Control as an optional feature for those who wish to buy it for an added cost.

Watch Motorcycle Stability Control in action here:

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